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Adventure Ideas


I'm looking for some adventure ideas.
The party has to make a long trip through the underdark. I'd like the party to go up a level during the trip. There 5th level now.
However I don't want too big a distraction, or a series of random encounters, or just a bunch of combat, or anything that takes the party away from its destination.

Any ideas anybody?

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First Post
Have the party come across the dead body of someone them have met earlier in there campaign. One the body have a scribbled note indicating where the dead person may have been going and hint as to the reason why they were going there.

This little side adventure hook can be anything. The dead person could have been going to rescue a slave, recover an item, pay back a debt, what ever you want. I think it will work for you as long as where they end up is where you need them to head.

Hope this helps you out.