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4E [Adventure] Madness at Gardmore Abbey

Son of Meepo

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Madness at Gardmore Abbey
A Living 4th Edition adventure, designed for 5-6 6th level characters set in the Isle of Daunton.

GM: Son of Meepo

  • PC: @Dekana - Eva - Elf Wizard level 6
  • PC: @FourMonos - Merri - human vampire/ardent level 6
  • PC: @Mewness - Papolstaanas - kobold avenger|battlemind level 7
  • PC: @Neurotic - Illarion Meriele - "Blind Elf" Sorcerer level 6
  • PC: @MetaVoid - Drew Lucan - Human Monk level 7


[sblock=Final XP and Treasure for Joy]Encounter 0 - 500 xp
Minor Quest: 100 xp
Time XP (2 months, 11 days): 1183 xp

Total XP: 1783 xp

Time Gold: 2086 gp

Total Gold: 2086 gp[/sblock]

Lady Oakley

Welcome to the adventure.

I’ll be keeping this page updated throughout the adventure so you can track things from here.

I will be using Mal’s Rules for speedier PbP combat. You can read about Mal’s Rules in the spoiler block below.

[sblock=The Malenkirk Conventions] Mal Malenkirk came up with some house rules for speeding up PbP combat that are now so ubiquitous in L4W that almost nobody actually bothers posting them anymore, which can lead to confusion. Here they are:

1. The DM rolls initiative for everyone to save time. Only one initiative value is rolled for all of the bad guys.

2. Any PCs whose initiative beats the bad guys get to act first. They can act in any order they like and their actions are resolved in the order they are posted.

3. The DM then runs all of the bad guys’ turns together.

4. All of the PCs (including any who won the initiative before) now get a turn. Play then proceeds with all the bad guys having another turn, then all the PCs, etc. Again, the PCs can act in any order, and their actions are resolved in the order of posting.

5. Effects that last until the end of someone’s next turn need a special rule, because the changing order of actions could otherwise lead to abuse. Such an effect gives its benefit (or its penalty) to each recipient for one turn only, no matter when that turn occurs in relation to the other recipients or the originator of the effect.

Example: Suppose that PCs Algie, Bertie, Cecily, Dickie, and Edna act in alphabetical order on round 1. Cecily uses a power that grants herself and all her allies a +1 to attack rolls until the end of her next turn. Dickie and Edna each benefit on round 1, as normal, because they act after Cecily.

On round 2, the PCs happen to act in reverse alphabetical order. Even though Edna and Dickie act before Cecily, they no longer benefit from Cecily’s effect, because they have already had it for one turn. Cecily benefits from it on her turn, just as she normally would, and Bertie and Algie benefit on their turns, even though their turns take place after Cecily’s is over.

This rule can be tricky to apply correctly at the beginning, so let me know if you have any questions about it.[/sblock]

[sblock=Time and Experience Records] Start Date: 10 June 2013

Current Quests:
[sblock=Time XP]

[sblock=Encounter XP]
Encounter 0
2 Bloodspear Grenadier (level 4) = 700 xp
4 Bloodspear Krull (level 5) = 1600 xp
1 Bloodspear Half-Troll (level 8) = 700 xp
Total 3000 xp / 6 players = 500 xp each

[sblock=Quest XP]
1. Deliver the card to Lady Oakley (Level 6 Minor Quest) - 100 xp each

[sblock=Time GP]

[sblock=Encounter Treasure]

[sblock=Quest Treasure]

Once most of the group has checked in an chosen a speech color, we can begin the adventure.
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[sblock=checking in]I'm checking in for Papolstaanas. You don't seem to have set a scene, so I'm not sure how to enter.... Anyway, the doughty kobold is here, and his speech color will be wheat.[/sblock]
[sblock=Off-Turn Actions for Papolstaanas]Off-Turn Actions
If Papolstaanas wants to prioritize any particular off-turn action, I’ll note it here.

Guardian’s Counter (interrupt): Triggers when an ally within 2 of Papolstaanas is attacked and Papolstaanas is not included. Papolstaanas and the ally shift 2 (swapping places), the attack is resolved against Papolstaanas instead, and afterwards Papolstaanas gets to make a basic attack (Overwhelming Strike) against the attacker.

Papolstaanas will use Guardian’s Counter to protect any vulnerable person in the group unless it’s likely to drop him.

Lightning Rush (interrupt):Triggers when an enemy within 5 of Papolstaanas targets an ally with an attack. Papolstaanas moves his speed to be adjacent to the enemy and attacks (+13 vs. AC, 2d8+6 damage; +1 to damage if he has CA). If it hits, the triggering attack is resolved against him rather than the intended target. (This is the augmented 2 version, which Papolstaanas will always use. If he doesn’t have power points, he won’t bother with this power.)

Papolstaanas will always use this on ranged attackers if he can get there without provoking (since it’s an interrupt, the ranged attack will provoke an OA from him as well).

Melee Basic Attacks: Papolstaanas uses Overwhelming Strike for OAs and granted melee basic attacks. Arranging the slides and shifts will be tricky, so I’ll try to post some guidelines on my turns.

Wrathful Warrior (no action): Papolstaanas gains 4 temp HPs the first time he is hit by a melee or close attack.

Blurred Step (free, 1/turn): Triggers when an enemy marked by Papolstaanas and adjacent to him shifts. Papolstaanas shifts 1.

Papolstaanas will follow his mark around if he can. If the mark is also his oath target, he will try to keep the oath active (i.e., maneuver so as not to be adjacent to other enemies).[/sblock]
[sblock=Papolstaanas]Papolstaanas Male Kobold Avenger|Battlemind 7
Initiative: +6, Passive Perception: 24, Passive Insight: 18, Senses: Darkvision
AC:25 (--), Fort:18 (--), Reflex:20 (--), Will:18 (--)
+2 defenses vs. traps
HP:69/69, Bloodied:34, Surge Value:17, Surges left:12/12
Action Points: 1
Power Points: 4
:bmelee: Overwhelming Strike +12 vs. AC; 1d8+5 damage, Papolstaanas shifts 1 square and slides target into the square he just vacated. Papolstaanas gets +1 to damage if he has CA.
Battlemind’s Demand, Blurred Step, Overwhelming Strike, Iron Fist, Lightning Rush
[o] Oath of Enmity (regained when target drops to 0 hp)
[o] Guardian’s Counter
[o] Fury’s Advance
[o] Distracting Flare
[o] Shifty Maneuver
[o] Davros Elden’s Defensive Step
[o] Wrathful Warrior (feat)
[o] Second Wind

[o] Aspect of Might
[o] Nightmare Vortex
[o] Mental Triumph
[o] Vanguard Weapon daily

Conditions: none

Full sheet: Papolstaanas[/sblock]


Eva makes a fist with her right hand and raises it high into the air. Smiling broadly, she announces "Alright, this is going to be fun!"

[sblock=ooc]Eva speaks in Dark Orchid.

Eva only has one immediate interrupt, Shield which can give her +4 AC and Reflex UENT Eva.

As a necromancer, Eva uses a lot of summons. In particular, she uses Summon Shadow Servant to get a skeleton that lasts until she uses the power again, not just until the end of the encounter.

[/sblock][/sblock][sblock=Eva stat block]Eva- Female Elf Mage 6
Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 13
AC:22, Fort:20, Reflex:23, Will:19, Resist: 3 ongoing damage -- Speed:7
HP:50/50, Bloodied:25, Surge Value:12, Surges left:8/8
Initiative +4
Action Points: 1

Shadow Skeleton
AC:22, Fort:20, Reflex:23, Will:19, Immune: disease, poison -- Speed:6
HP:25/25, Bloodied:12, Surge Value:6, Surges left:0/0
Attack: +12 vs AC, 2d8+5 damage and the target cannot shift until the end of its next turn.
OA: +14 vs AC, 2d8+7 damage and the target cannot shift until the end of its next turn.


Disrupt Undead, Ghost Sound, Hypnotism, Restless Dead, Magic Missile
Color Orb, Color Spray, Darkening Flame, Elven Accuracy, Second Wind, Shield, Spook, Winged Step
Power Jewel, Summon Dretch, Summon Shadow Servant

[sblock=spellbook]Encounter (2): Color Spray (3), Cordon of Bones (3), Darkening Flame (1), Ray of Enfeeblement (1)
Daily (2): Glitterdust (5), Spirit Rend (1), Summon Dretch (1), Summon Shadow Servant (5)
Utility (2): Shield (2), Summon Iron Cohort (5), Summon Shadow Serpent (2), Winged Step (5)[/sblock]Notes: +2 damage rolls vs bloodied targets, gain CA in first turn, no OAs from ranged/area attacks, melee 2 reach with staff.[/sblock]


"Hello everyone. My name is Drew Lucan. I could use some fun for a change. My last two adventures included undead and while it's good to have them destroyed, I had my fill of filthy necromancers for a while."

OOC: centered breath monk, fill free to attack with area attacks over him if you need 13+ to hit, if you do hit, I can (probably) avoid it by moving
Stats a bit later.
I have at will slide, so if you put some nice zones nearby I'll enjoy pushing enemies inside.
He talks in Gold

[sblock=Drew Stats]
AC: 23 Fort: 19 Reflex: 22 Will: 20
HP: 54/54 Surges: 8/8 Surge Value: 13

MBA: +14 vs AC 1d8+6 (unarmed strike); 1d4+6 with the dagger
RBA: +11 vs AC 1d4+5 (dagger)

Superior Implement (Mountain Ki), Internalize Basic Kata, Unarmored Agility, Slashing Kama Style, Ki Expertise, Beshaba's Boon


Fallen Needle
Five Storms
Crane's Wings
Centered Flurry of Blows ()

Drunken Monkey
Second Wind
Eternal Mountain
Iron Wolf Charge
Echoing Thunder
Mountainfall Stomp

Masterful Spiral
Water Gives Way

Mountain Ki Rain of Hammers- On a hit gain shield +1 AC and Ref; any forced movement (from this focus) is increased 1 square
Property: If Drew drops an enemy, one enemy adjacent to Drew takes 3 damage
Daily Minor: Make one at-will attack vs enemy already hit this turn.
Acrobat Boots - stand up as minor
Bloodthread cloth armor - +1 to AC when bloodied

Acrobatics +14; Athletics +10; Perception +13; Stealth +14; Thievery +14

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The dark-haired woman in the red armor nodded to each of the other recruits, apparently looking them over with her strange white eyes. "I'm Joy," she began, her voice rich and confident. "I'm a fairly good fighter, and I help those around me fight better."

OOC: Joy is a melee-based leader, with an at-will ranged push, at-will enemy debuff, and a good MBA- she tends to charge a lot, and while she has a reasonable amount of healing she does use some of it herself. She also tends to hand out temp HP like candy. She usually uses Plum, but we seem to have two others with similar colors, so she will use Lime instead.


Merri follows everyone outside the tavern, "Um, well, I should introduce myself. My name is Merri. Um, Eva already knows me. She helped kill a dragon you know. And I do this thing with my emotions where you can kind of always tell how I'm feeling... So I'm sorry if its, you know annoying, but sometimes what I'm feeling helps you feel better too!" She finishes with a grin.

OOC: Merri was changed when she was young so is a little immature/inexperienced. She's actually pretty old, but spent most of her life traveling alone in the wildernesses of the world.

As she has low surges and regenerates, please try not to heal her unless she's dying. I try to finish fights above my normal surge amount so she heals up, but I may need to borrow a surge if she gets beat on, but I'll ask in character. If you or your character isn't okay with that, no worries

I try to have her talk in Pink, but let me know if I need to change.

[sblock=Merri's mini-stats]Merri- Female Human Hybrid Ardent/Vampire 6

Status: Initiative: +7, Passive perception: 19, Passive Insight: 14

AC 22 For: 17 Ref: 19 Will: 20

HP: 49/49 Bloodied: 24 Surge value: 12 Surges/day: 2

Speed: 7 squares (6 bloodied), Languages: Common, Elven
Action Point: 1
Power Points: 2


Energizing Strike
Dark Beckoning
Taste of Life
[]Blood Drinker
[]Surefooted Stride
[]Ardent Surge
[]Sympathetic Agony
Mercurial Mind
Natural Terrain Understanding
[]Second Wind

[]Lingering Fury
[]Unfettered Hunger
[]Brooch of Shielding
[]Onyx Dog

Notable Effects:
+1 damage to bloodied enemies
Resist Force 10. Vulnerable Radiant 5
Allies within 5 squares get +2 to Diplomacy, Intimidate and +1 to OA damage rolls.
When bloodied, Merri gains regeneration 4, +2 to AC and saving throws. [/sblock]
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"Why are you young ones always so happy to go into deathly serious situations?" blind sorcerer comes tapping with his staff, easily keeping pace with his sighted companions.

OOC: Talking in Teal, thinking in italic teal

[sblock=Illarion Meriele]
SPECIAL: resist 5 necrotic;

if 1st attack in the round is even gain +1 AC; odd - make a saving throw
+1 to all defenses vs traps

On nat 20: slide the target 1 square and knock it prone
On nat 1 MUST push all within 5 squares 1 square

AC 18 (19 until start of next turn if his 1st attack roll in a turn is even) Fortitude 16 Reflex 19 Will 23
HP: 49/49 Surges: 7/7 Surge Value: 12

MBA: Staff: +7 vs AC, 1d8+2 damage
Dagger: +8 vs AC, 1d4+1 damage
RBA: Dagger: +12 vs AC, 1d4+5 damage


Chaos Bolt
Blazing Starfall
Changeling Disguise

Changeling Trick
Mists of Disarray
Ice Dragon Teeth
Flame Spiral
Swift Escape
Seed of Chaos

Assassin's Shroud
Assassin's Shroud

Grounding Rebuke
Good Timing
Thunder Leap

Amulet of life encounter free action: spend additional surge
Rain of Hammers Ki Focus daily minor make at-will against enemy already hit this turn
Rain of Hammers Property: if Illarion kills an enemy, one enemy adjacent to him takes 3 damage
Bracers of Escape daily immediate interrupt, on hit teleport 2



"I'm Papolstaanas," says Papolstaanas by way of introduction. Probably something else is required here, but Papolstaanas is always at a loss when it comes to establishing his adventuring bona fides. "I, um, learned to fight at school. On Bacarte. Not that I've never been in real fights--I have, of course I have, but--" he clears his throat nervously. "Anyway, I'm pretty tough." Papolstaanas is immediately ashamed of himself for making such a flagrant boast, so he tries to turn it into a joke. "So, you can always hide behind me," he continues brightly. "If you--if you can, you know, find enough of me to hide behind."


OOC: I'm already amused that Drew dislikes necromancers and is adventuring with one... Merri also dislikes the undead :)


"Don't worry, great warrior, I'm small enough to hide behind anyone." It's not clear whether this is a joke on ex-ghost Papolstaanas size or the ears of the elf are not distinguishing enough to realize that the speaker is kobold.


[sblock=ooc]Is poor Papolstaanas never going to live down that ex-ghost thing?

Interestingly, the one adventure that Papolstaanas has been in that ran to completion--he has a history of being in adventures that petered out :\--was about Magari culture, and involved finding a cure for a lich's mid-life (mid-death?) crisis, so he's actually unusually tolerant of undead.[/sblock]

Son of Meepo

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Mayor Brunt looks over the animated group of motley adventurers, silently wondering to himself if there isn't some other way to get this card to its destination.

He sighs quietly and then clears his throat.

"Yes, well then," Mayor Brunt says as he parcels out 50 gp to each PC. "Lady Oakley's manor is northwest of here. Just off the road it is cradled between the hills that stand at the edge of the cliffs. Her family has been here since Daunton was naught but a small fishing village, but they've mostly kept to themselves rather than become involved in the greater politics of the isle." If you have swift mounts, it should take you the better part of an afternoon to reach the hills, but without them you may risk camping in the midst of orc territory. If there is nothing else I can do for you, then you can be on your way. I wish you good fortune and good weather on your journey."


OOC: Yeah, I'm thrilled to be with summoned shadow and PC vampire after Vermitrax...my background will need changing...Neurotics character also has necromantic background :devil: , he made a show of it last time he entered the tavern :)


"I don't like riding, horses tend to spook easily and if I cannot hear what spooked them I have to rely on their instincts which is not something I enjoy. I'd rather ride a predator. Don't worry, camping in the orcs territory just means few orcs less to bother Dauntons surroundsngs.

You there, boy...erm...Drew and Paapolstanes, please make enough sound when you fight close so you don't get accidentally burned.

Also, if you see lash of fire circling me, push as many enemies as you can around me. The more they move around, more they burn."

OOC: I have necromantic background, but those got banned, the story calls for "freedom" of undead - by true death.


Merri subtly orients herself in the direction indicated.

"Well, I've probably walked past there at some point. I don't have a horse, but I can likely find us some short cuts to save us time. You know, if that is okay with everyone."

[sblock=Explorer Theme Benefits]
Theme: Explorer:
Level 1 Benefit: Merri always can find north, +5 to skill checks to avoid becoming lost, find a specific location or spot a landmark, Surefooted Stride Encounter power.

Level 5 Benefit:Gain +2 to endurance. Travel speed for group becomes slowest member's speed +1. Group gains a +2 to endurance while traveling.


Papolstaanas opens his mouth to say that he never really learned to ride, but it seems that his companions' distaste for horses has saved him the trouble, so he closes it again.


"Hello everyone. My name is Drew Lucan. I could use some fun for a change. My last two adventures included undead and while it's good to have them destroyed, I had my fill of filthy necromancers for a while."
Eva rolls her eyes but otherwise remains silent about Drew's comments. Hopefully he won't freak when Eva uses her magic.

"Riding is fun, but it hurts my butt after awhile" Eva says a little crudely. "A walk would be lovely."

[sblock=History]I'll try a history check to see if I know anything about the local orcs.

History 14. (1d20+8=14)[/sblock]


"Forgive me, old one, but how can you hit anything with any precision in such state? I've seen masters fight blindly hand-on-hand, it relies as much on feeling and intuition as on hearing. I've even seen some feats of archery by blinded masters, but all those were either in controlled circumstances or take some time. I realize you're used to blindness, but still...you don't seem the type of the sorcerer that joins first ranks in a figth"


"You cannot know the difference, the adaptation required if you aren't blind. Binding your eyes few minutes or even few hours a day for limited period and focusing only on combat will get you only so far.

Take a pebble and throw it somewhere."

The staff makes small circle around the sorcerer and somehow he finds a rock on the ground. He pushes it toward the monk.
As the boy throws it, the elf turns in general direction of the throw and raises his staff, waiting.

At the first sound of impact, area around the stone disappears in a blinding flash as small shooting star streaks down on the location.

"See, that's why I need a sound...only problem is, you have to make enough sound for me to distinguish you from other combatants. Good luck with that."
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