Adventure: Redblade's Riches!! (Ozymandias79 judging!)

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Erekose: I'm assuming you mean S2 who is at AE/12, not AF12. So the push to it would end it at AE/15 I'm assuming. Again, the move over difficult terrain costs 2 squares each. Not sure how you get to AE14. Let me know what you want to do.

ooc: sorry hadn't taken into account the difficult terrain. The push etc works perfectly. As for my follow up move, how about we call it move+ap for charge to AE13 and change the attack to a basic attack. The rolls should still stand just no bonus hit points. Hope that makes sense.

The Digger

First Post
As his friends charge forward at the elven opponents, Girth joins in with another blast of Eldritch power. The air positively sizzles as an almost visible beam of cackling laughter shoots over the heads of his allies to crash in on the right hand archer.

"Serve you right, that does" giggled the Half-elf. "How you like them onions?" Girth had no idea what that phrase meant when he picked it up on board ship, but it seemed to fit the situation here.

A quick glance around and he decided to move forward closer to the foe although he was cautious enough to use his skills to remain hidden in the shadows around the dock.

[sblock=OOC]Standard: Eldritch Blast vs A2: 21 vs Ref: 8 damage. Roll Lookup
Move to AA9: Shadow Walk; Gain concealment.[/sblock]


First Post
-Alex hops up on the crates, swings through the scout with his waraxe pushing the elf off the steps and causing him to fall hard to the beach below. Charging up the rest of the steps, the fighter slashes into the nearest archer as well.

-Quagmire moves and charges up the steps to hack at the archer Alex already hit. The elven woman falls to the ground bleeding all over the place.

-Beyrk brings his horn to his lips and blows a mighty blast that pushes the scout and Hrav up the stairs and further away from him. Charging after them, the bard gets close enough to swing at and hit the remaining archer.

-Hrav... we'll see.

-Girth blasts the remaining archer with his dark magic.

OOC: Just need Hrav's actions to wrap up the round.
[sblock=Init/Status]23 - Elf Scout 1 (-23 hp)
23 - Elf Scout 2 (-20 hp)
22 - Dang't (21/27 hp)
21 - Elf Archer 1 (-36 hp, dead)
21 - Elf Archer 2 (-17 hp)
18 - Alex (22/47 hp, +4 temp hp)
17 - Quagmire (36/36 hp)
14 - Wolf 1 (-43 hp, dead)
14 - Wolf 2 (-48 hp, dead)
14 - Beyrk (30/30 hp)
11 - Hrav (30/41 hp)
11 - Girth (40/40 hp)[/sblock]


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First Post
Hrav moves past the archer, heedless of the opening it gives the elf, and then ruthlessly stabs his foe in the back with Black Death.

"Elves?" Hrav asks. "Seriously... Elves? Redblade has to be joking."

[sblock=Mechanics]Move action - Move to AC15. This provokes an unarmed opportunity attack from the archer, which I'm fine with.

Standard action - Torturous Strike vs Archer 2.

Torturous Strike Archer 2 (CA from flanking) (1d20+10+2=22, 2d10+9=15, 2d8+4=12)

Hits AC 22 for 27 damage.[/sblock]

[sblock=Hrav's Info]Hrav Kortaga- Male Bugbear Rogue (Fighter) 4
Initiative: +6, Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 18, Low-Light Vision
AC: 19, Fort: 17, Reflex: 19, Will: 14 - Speed: 6
HP: 30/41, Bloodied: 20, Surge Value: 11, Surges left: 8/8
Action Points: 1
Resists: 5 Necrotic, 5 Poison

Deft Strike
Piercing Strike

Nasty Backswing
Predatory Eye
Second Wind (Item: may use two surges when bloodied)
Student of the Sword +1 and Mark
Torturous Strike

Handspring Assault
Acidic Rapier Ranged Attack (Encounter)
Acidic Rapier Ongoing Damage (Daily)
Deathcut Leather Armor (Daily)
Potion of Healing x1

Full character sheet[/sblock]


First Post
-Hrav moves by the archer to get behind her. She swings her arm at him trying to stab him with an arrow as he goes by. She misses though, but the bugbear doesn't. Black Death sticks out of her chest after going in through her back, then she drops lifeless to the ground.

-The scout who Alex knocked off the dock moves back into position and swings at Girth's legs. The other scout steps forward to slash at Beyrk, a look of anger on his face as the lives of his companions have been ended. Girth gets cut slightly, but Beyrk is able to block easily and remain unharmed.

-Dang't, Alex, Quagmire, Beyrk, Hrav, Girth can go...
[sblock=Init/Status]23 - Elf Scout 1 (-23 hp, bloody)
23 - Elf Scout 2 (-20 hp, bloody)
22 - Dang't (21/27 hp)
21 - Elf Archer 1 (-36 hp, dead)
21 - Elf Archer 2 (-44 hp, dead)
18 - Alex (22/47 hp, +4 temp hp)
17 - Quagmire (36/36 hp)
14 - Wolf 1 (-43 hp, dead)
14 - Wolf 2 (-48 hp, dead)
14 - Beyrk (30/30 hp)
11 - Hrav (30/41 hp)
11 - Girth (32/40 hp)[/sblock]

Unarmed OA at Hrav. (1d20+5=7, 1d4=2)
Scout 1 vs. Girth, Scout 2 vs. Beyrk (1d20+7-2=22, 1d8+4=8, 1d20+7=10, 1d8+4=11)


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    RR1 Dock 12.JPG
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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Seeing the wierd one in trouble, Dang't waddles over to the side of the dock and unleashes a rattling *BOOM* before slipping away.
[sblock=OOC]Move to AA8; Storm Walk S1: Fort 19, 17 thunder damage and shift to AB8.[/sblock] [sblock=Dang't]Dang't—Male Goblin Storm Sorcerer 1
Initiative: +4, Low-Light, Passive Perception: 10, Passive Insight: 10
AC: 14, Fort: 12, Reflex: 15, Will: 16 — Speed: 6
HP: 21/27, Bloodied: 13, Surge: 6, Surges left: 8/8
Action Points: 1, Second Wind: Not Used
Powers -
Storm Walk
Chaos Bolt

Thunder Slam
Lightning Breath
Goblin Tactics

Full character sheet[/sblock]


First Post
OOC Digger: Yes I did modify the roll with a -2 for concealment.

OOC Ata: Although the squares are adjacent on the map, remember that Alex is on the ledge 20' higher that where the scout is standing down on the beach. So no OA, sorry.

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