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4E [Adventure] The Broken Tower DM:Grimmjow Judge:TwoHeadsBarking


When you arrive at Orisk's office he takes a seat behind the desk. He motions at you all to sit in less fancy chairs. As he does he says "Alright then, how about you all introduce yourselves to your companions for today, then we can get started" He pulls out the contract.


Combat: You will find the map and stats for combat Here. When combat starts I will roll initiative for the monsters and give you the average. Whoever beats the average acts immediately, and everyone else will wait for the monsters to go. After that it will swap between players and monsters.


On the spread sheet go ahead and fill in your character's name and all the information I provided for you. Feel free to add anything or make a tab bigger if you need to.

feel free to call me on anything i do wrong, as this is my first time DMing a play-by-post game. Thanks

OCC thread
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The red crystal body of the shardmind doesn't shift at all, not even to turn his head towards them. They all hear his voice in their heads though, strong and clear, "I am Arshaka. My mental powers shall serve us all... well."

[sblock=Actions/Stat block]Start=
[sblock=Arshaka Stat block]Arshaka- Male Shardmind Psion (Telekinetic) 1
Passive Perception: +22, Passive Insight: +20, Initiative: +1 AC: 17, Fort: 12, Reflex: 16, Will: 18 -- Speed: 6
HP: 20/20, Bloodied: 10, Surge Value: 5, Surges left: 6/6
Action Points: 1, Milestones: 0 Second Wind: not used
:bmelee: Basic Attack: +1 Staff of the Renewing Source: +1 vs AC / 1d8 damage (+1d6 on crit)
:ranged: Ranged Basic Attack: Kinetic Trawl: +6 vs Ref / 1d8+7 force damage and pull target 1 square.
Power Points: 4/4

Force Punch
Kinetic Trawl
Burning Flux

Shard Swarm
Far Hand
Forceful Push
Intellect Forteress

Telekinetic Anchor
Staff of Renewing Source
Psyweave Cloak


"Hi, uh...me Kruor. Me daddy was a vampire and he give Kruor life. Daddy was smart man.

[sblock=Stat Block]Kruor - Robot Vampire 3 (reskinned Warforged)
Passive Perception: 11, Passive Insight: 11
AC: 19, Fort: 15, Ref: 18, Will: 16
Initiative: +5; Speed: 6
HP: 37/37, Temp HP:
Bloodied: 18, Surge Value: 9, Surges left: 2/2

Dark Beckoning
Taste of Life
Vampire Slam

Blood Drinker [ ]
Warforged Resolve [ ]
Surprise Strike [ ]
Burst of Speed [ ]
Feral Assault [ ]
Second Wind [ ]
Action Point [ ]

Swarm of Shadows [ ]
Cascading Strikes Ki Focus [ ]
[sblock=OOC to Grim]The spreadsheet is currently view-only.[/sblock]
Eldreth walks into the office just behind the others and finds a seat in one of the less-fancy chairs like the others in the group.

"Well, now...a vampire...that be one I ne'er heard afore! No wonder ye be havin' them...things on yer hands..." Eldreth shivers involuntarily at the thought of those needles going to work on her own body.

"Now, since we all be inter'ducin' ourselves and sayin' what we be good at, do be tellin' us what we can be 'spectin' t'see ya do while we're off on our lil' quest here. 'Asides from drainin' folks o'their fluids I mean..." It's quite obvious that whether he is a team-mate or not...and whether he claims to want to do good...his construction just simply was NOT that of something that was designed for good deeds.

"Anywho... I be Eldreth. Me Papa taught me t'live honestly, act purely, an' always be helpin' those what can't be helpin' theirselves. I be livin' hard, an' fightin' harder. I be dwarf, an' blessed by th'elementals o'earth. If ye let me, I kin be yer rock. I be lookin' forward t'smashin' a few goblin skulls with ya."

OOC: [MENTION=84680]treex[/MENTION]: Eldreth's got 13 healing surges...yer gonna wanna get nice'n cozy -friendly like with her... (might be tough) she may well be your main supply of free healing.

[sblock=Eldreth's Stats] Eldreth Forgemark - Dwarf Knight 1
Passive Perception 10, Passive Insight 10
AC 20, Fort 17, Reflex 12, Will 10
HP 33/33, Bloodied 16, Surge Value 8, Surges 13/13
Speed 5, Initiative +0
Action Points: 1, Second Wind []
MBA - +8 vs AC, 1d10(b2)+7 damage RBA - +8 vs AC, Range: 5/10, 1d6+7 damage
At-Will Powers: Defender Aura, Battle Guardian , Defend the Line, Cleaving Assault
Encounter Powers: Power Strike [], Stone Panoply [], Dwarven Resilience []


OOC: Since my character isn't in the tavern right now, I though on introducing him once the party is on the road. I don't have the time right now, but I'll send Grimmjow a PM with some detail for his approval


Kruor flourishes his hand, suddenly very self-aware. In place of his fingertips, five syringes stick out instead. Near the window, a stream of sunlight flooded in. Kruor sticks a needle into it and it sizzles and splutters as a surge of steam rises from it. When he retracts it from the sun, the needle is now gnarled and rusty.

"Is not me want, but me make do with what me have. Me daddy said to be good and kind, just like your, say me not like brothers. Your daddy sound like good man, too. I hope you find your daddy. I know me not see mine anymore, it complee-ketated."

As Kruor sticks out his hand towards Eldreth, a stream of liquid steel surges forth from Kruor's arm. As it flows over the patches of rust, new shiny metal takes it's place. The process took no more than a few seconds, but the blobs of liquid steel retract back into his body and Kruor's syringe-finger hand is now new and shiny.

"As they say, uh...put 'er there." Kruor offers his hand again, making sure his fingers arch back to avoid poking Eldreth's.

[sblock=OOC to CFW]If it's of any relevance, Kruor would actually prefer if he didn't have to take surges from an ally. Between his racial, Warforged Resolve and class feature, Blood is Life, he can reach defender levels of sturdiness but it's nice to know I can splurge a surge or two on my brand new Encounter Power (that is, if Eldreth is offering)[/sblock]

[sblock=OOC]@Someone: Neat, mix it up abit. Meeting you down the road could help keep things interesting :)[/sblock]


"Alright then, looks like we have a very capable group." Orisk says looking at the heroes before him. "Now sweety," Orisk says referring to Eldreth, "I've adding into the contract the deal. When this is over you can begin helping to search for your father." He then says to the rest of the group, "You can all get to know each other better on the road. As I said before, goblin bandits have taken over one of the old guard towers just east of Daunton. I'm paying you four to go and put an end to them. Any relevant questions? If not, I'll just hand over the contract and you can get started."
While Eldreth might be a bit judgmental, and perhaps a little too honest at times, but she is always the first to admit when she's made an incorrect judge of character. Tentatively, she reached out and grasped the construct's hand, careful to keep away from the pointy syringe-tipped fingers. After fully gripping the construct's hand and shaking it heartily without ill effect, Eldreth smirks at Kruor.

"It seems I be needin' t'eat a bit o'crow, swollow me pride, an' a'mit when I be wrong. If'n ye says ye got me back, an that o'all our team, I be belivin' ya. So...what be the deal with th'woman at the Inn callin' ya Corey, then intraducin' yerself as Kruor?"

Eldreth releases her grip on the now-not-so-monstrous-monster 's hand, but does not retreat a single step. Now instead of being frightened of the creature...she was genuinely curious about him. What could create such a thing? She could only imagine the mental conflict he has in the choices he had to make on a daily basis.

[sblock=Swapping fluids]
I think a little more roleplay is needed before she'll let Kruor stick her with his needle-hands... but I think we'll certainly get to that point, especially if something happens in one of our battles that causes Kruor to get hurt from someone she's trying to actively tank, or if we happen to fight a radiant mafia squad or something. So feel free to splurge on your Healing Surge fueled encounter power. I find that I typically only need between 6 and 8 healing surges a day with my characters, so that leaves me with about 5 surges extra (though we'll have to see how these battles go...) that she could use for emergencies and to give to Kruor (and if you happen to stick with Eldreth through the levels...this will only increase, as she has a con secondary stat that she will be bumping at every 4 :D) [/sblock]

When Orisk states that the contract is being amended to stipulate that she would recieve help finding her father after this mission was completed, it spurred her even more into action.

"Great. Then what we be waitin' for? Let's be gettin' t'this ol' guard tower an' start smashin' inna few green noggins!"

Standing up from her chair, Eldreth waits to make sure the others were ready to go, and then makes to take the contract and make her way to the guard tower.



Everlin reads over the contract carefully, then signs it when she finds nothing objectionable.
OOC: Assuming there IS nothing objectionable :p. I'm assuming it's basically, we do the job, we get paid?


"It seems I be needin' t'eat a bit o'crow, swollow me pride, an' a'mit when I be wrong. If'n ye says ye got me back, an that o'all our team, I be belivin' ya. So...what be the deal with th'woman at the Inn callin' ya Corey, then intraducin' yerself as Kruor?"
It's been a while since anyone had shown some interest in Kruor, so he was rather pleased with Eldreth right now.

"Oh, that. Kruor had problem pro-nun-sing me name. So me say meself Corey at first. Now me think it's baby name, but Diane still call me it. Actually, now Kruor think about it, Diane closest thing to Mommy."

Kruor's eyes glow a bright baby blue, an indication that Kruor was happy. "And Kruor prefer chicken, crows not juicy enough.


Everlin reads over the contract carefully, then signs it when she finds nothing objectionable.
OOC: Assuming there IS nothing objectionable :p. I'm assuming it's basically, we do the job, we get paid?
The main points in the contract states that the party will bring back the head of the goblin chief and be paid accordingly. There is a place for each of you too sign and there seems to be no loop holes that could get you in trouble. However there are two seals of approval on the contract.

"I can assure you that the money will be worth your time." Orisk says.

A close look at the second seal reveals a coppery tint to the wax used to place the seal. The image in the wax is a scale that has been perfectly balanced.

OOC: the only thing that raises an eyebrow are the two seals. The first seal Orisk places on it basically acts as his signature, and you know this. Everyone can read the spoiler if any of you question him about the second seal, as he says it out loud.

When questions about the two seals Orisk looks up, "Curries bunch arn't ya then." He sounds slightly annoyed. "If you must know the first seal shows that it is a legal document. The second seal will show the importance of the document. You bring me the head of the goblin leader and show this too my secretary out front there and she'll know your to be let in right a way. Is that answer good enough for you then?"

OOC: for some reason the spoiler isn't working (on my screen at least) so you guys don't even have to pretend to ask about it you just do
Eldreth nods. "Aye, that be good'nuff fer me!" she says, taking the pen from Everlin once she has finished signing, and then scribbles down her own imitation of a doctors scrawl in the form of her own name on the parchment.


As Eldreth finishes signing her name and sets the pen down, it suddenly lifts back up and floats in the air. Dipping itself in the inkwell, it glides back to the contract and draws out the signature of Arshaka all in straight lined strokes. After completing this, the pen redeposits itself back in the inkwell. Meanwhile, the shardmind has been standing still and staring in the opposite direction at a painting hanging on the wall of the office.


Kruor stands among his new companions, unmoving and rigid. "Err..." Kruor mumbles.

Hesitantly, he tries picking up the pen but fumbles and drops it back onto the table. Luckily, it didn't fall to the floor. Instead, Kruor dips his index finger into the inkwell and scratches his name onto the paper...very, very slowly.

By now, most of the individuals in the office would realize that Kruor is illiterate. Their suspicions are confirmed when he asks aloud: "Did Kruor spell Kruor correct?"

On the paper, Kruor's name is scrawled clumsily but surprisingly, was spelled correctly.

[sblock=CFW]Swapping fluids?! Seriously?! D: Ew, ew ,ew ew. (I just read that properly this time round) YOU SICKEN ME D:
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A tall Eladrin female clad in plate enters the room, breathing heavily and glistening with perspiration. "Forgive my appearance gentleman, I ran here as quickly as I could, and plate isn't the most breathable of materials. I heard at the tavern that you are looking for adventurers to take care of a goblin problem. I would like to offer my services if the party will have me. The name is Skyla, by the way."
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Orisk does not seem frustrated by Kruor, in fact he seems amused. He sits patiently and watches the whole ordeal. When he signs his name successfully Orisk jumps from his chair and cheers, "Well done friend! I wasn't sure if you were going to get it but it looks like a valid signature to me!" He comes around the corner and pats Kruor on the back, still smiling.

When the Eladrin enters the room to see this sight she probably comes to the conclusion that the dwarf is mentoring Kruor, teaching him to read and write, and is proud of how far he has come.

"Here to help?" Orisk says when Skyla offers her assistance to the group. "Well, That would be up to these four. I think they will be fine by themselves but if they wish for your assistance they can have it." Orisk is looking uneasily at the symbol of Apoli by the time he is done speaking to the Paladin.