Adventure: The Sea Hag's Price. April 12, Discord, 4pm Pacific


Basic Action Games
Hi, I am looking for people to playtest a swashbuckling adventure The Sea Hag's Price for Honor + Intrigue. The game will be on the Basic Action Games Discord Server for voice and I am planning to use a VTT to run combats. As of right now, it will most likely be Tabletop Simulator. For folks that don't have it, I will use the Share My Screen feature in Discord so everybody can see the miniatures.
There is a possibility that the Honor + Intrigue tools will be ready for Fantasy Grounds by then, in which case, I will try to use that.

About the Adventure:
The Sea Hag's Price is an Adventure that will take the Heroes on an adventure to a place they've likely never been before: the ocean floor! The adventure includes rules for underwater activities, a new dueling style (Retiarius, the way of the net and trident) and a number of aquatic creatures and hazards for the heroes to overcome as well as a bit of underwater intrigue... I'll have a number of pre-made PCs or you can build your own. We'll be using Intriguing Options 3 and 4 for this.

If you are interested to join, go to "Events" on the Basic Action Games Discord server and sign up. Here is a direct link.
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