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Release Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold (FG VTT)


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Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold
Indie Publishers

Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold provides you with fifteen unique adventures to use as one-shot additions to your current campaign or inspiration for a new campaign. Included is a way to link several of the adventures, allowing you to run a short and quick campaign.

*Head Into the Clouds by JVC Parry (3rd level)

*Unravel the Murder at Sable Mansion by Oliver Darkshire (3rd level)

*Battle constructs in Clunkspindle's Clockwork Conundrum by MT Black (3rd level)

*Plus 12 more adventures within!

These adventures use basic 5E creatures, custom creatures, and several Kobold Press creatures.
Each adventure is written for a specific party level, plus, suggestions on how to adjust each adventure for a weaker or stronger party.
In addition to fun adventures, you'll also find a few new magic items and NPCs to add to your game.

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