Adventures in Allansia [Advanced Fighting Fantasy]



The first Fighting Fantasy gamebook that I played when I was a kid was set in Allansia and it made me dream a lot. This campaign is my tribute and support for this super-classic fantasy setting.

Allansia is the biggest continent of the world of Titan, the classic world of Fighting Fantasy. It is a continent full of contrast and danger, as well as treasure and knowledge. The perfect place for ambitious adventurers like you, willing to become famous heroes!
Find more information about Allansia here.

This Allansian campaign will be played in the style of a "living world" campaign, that is as a sequence of diverse adventures, some short, some longer, some to be played solo, some to be played in group by different character controlled by different players, often with adventures happening at the same time on the same continent.
The adventures that have been completed or that are still available to be played will be tracked in this thread but please be aware that there can be many more that may be run. Just ask.

The ruleset for this campaign is an adaptation of Advanced Fighting Fantasy second edition. The players will need to download (for free) just the Quickstart and will be able to start playing in five to ten minutes.
See more information about the ruleset and character generation, including house rules, here.

If you want to play a group adventure, first you have to commit that you will post at least once a day to keep the story flowing, and you will play that adventure until the end. I can accept deviations from this (for example if you have an holiday), but they need to be communicated before. If you don't post daily in a group adventure without notice, I will puppet master your character for a week or so, and then, if you don't come back, I will remove you from the campaign. Just don't do that.

If you want to play a solo game I won't be so strict: you can take your time to post and keep the pace that you prefer (as there are no other players involved, waiting for your posts), but if you don't post for a week and some other player is willing to play the same adventure, I will allow them to do so. This may create some crease in the overall campaign story, but I think it won't be a big issue.

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