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So my gaming group were interseted in playing Dr Who adventures in time and space. All of them had satched the reboot from david Tennant onwards but none of them had seen the classic series apart from me. I therefore decuded to run tge classic seriefollowentures with the missing adventures books and audio adventures where appropriate.

I made the following house rules;

1 Characters had to be contemporaneous with the relevant Doctor, in the case of the starting adventure this had to be November 1963.

2 Everyone had to play a human character at least at the beginning

3 No one was allowed to play a Time Agent or mention the Time War until we got to the Tennant/ Eccleston era at the very least.

4 No one was allowed to play the Doctor or be a Time Lord.

With that in mind the players came up with the following:

Jake: Tom Quinn a former agent of MI5

Sarah: Trixie Lott a Soho showgirl

Trudi: Rebecca Nash a city Secetary



The evening after Kennedy was assassinated was dark and foggy. Tom Quinn was wandering the streets of Shoreditch, it had been a bad time for the service. No one had forseen Kennedy's assassination and as deputy head of Thames Houe Tom had got the blame. Heading to the area of London he knew well he wandered along Totters Lane where he heard a strange humming noise which he decided to investigate. Letting himself in to the old junkyard he found an unlikely sight a police telephone box. Strangely the humming noise seemed to be coming from it.

Trixie Lott had had enough. It was bad enough to try to be an actress and wind up as as a showgirl but she was fed up with being groped by the customers and worst if all the manager. Running from the manager she had found herself in the east end. Thinking she was being followed she hid in an old junkyard where she heard a humming sound coming from a police telephone box.

Rebecca Nash had finished her job in the city for the day. As the tube and buses were on strike she decided to walk home. Due to the fog she wandered into the east end and saw two people appear to break in to a nearby junkyard and so she decided to follow them.

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First Post
The Junkyard was very untidy as Trixie ran in trying to hide from whoever was following her. Her former boss Charley was known to employ a thug who liked to use flick knives. Stumbling about she tried to hide behind some rusty bicycles and rubbish.

Tom came in next. He was sure he'd seen a woman come in to, but that wasn't what concerned him. He was interested in the police box. Was this another trick by Number 2, another plot to return him to the Village he had escaped from only a month ago. As he looked around he could see the doors of the police box were slighly ajar and there was a faint light coming from them, but what was a police box doing in a junkyard, they were supposed to be on the street corners. He turned as he heard footsteps behind him.

Rebecca cautiously moved into the junkyard, she'd seen 2 people appear to break in and she was determined to get them to clear off or shed call the police. As she came through the gate she saw ayoung man standing there looking around.

OK I see you and tell your accomplice to come out too. I saw you both break in.

Tom whirled around. Standing in front of him was a young blonde woman in a blue miniskirt and red blouse. "What accomplice?", he asked.

At this point Trixie sneezed loudly and realising that she'd been discovered came out, "Sorry I thought I was being folowed so I came in here".

"It was probably me you heard", sdmitted Tom. "I heard that strange noise and decided to jnvestigate. Where are my manners, I'm Tom Quinn, formerly of MI5."

Trixie grinned, there was something about this guy in his blue suit and bowler hat that put her at ease, "Trixie, I used to be a showgirl".

"And I'm Rebecca Nash, I'm a secretary. Well now weve been introduced let's investigate this police box."

Cautiously they opened the door further, there was a bright light and suddenly they found themselves in a strange white room. In the middle was a strange hexagonal structure covered in dials and switches, on one side there was a hatstand in the shape of an eagle next to what appeared to be a Louis 14th chair. On a small occcasional table on the other side was a large gilt edged ormulo clock. There was also a door which seemed to lead further in. The room was much bigger than the outside. The strangest thing though was the man standing next to some of the switches. He was an elderly gentleman in his 60s wearing a Victorian style cloak, a scarf and an Astrakhan hat. He looked up, startled as the 3 entered and said in a loud voice,

"Who are you, what are you doing here?"

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