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D&D General Adventuring Company Names and What They Are Up To

These adventuring company names and descriptions can be:

- Borrowed in their entirety by DMs in need of a party of NPC adventurers.

- Used as inspiration for PC adventuring companies.

- Used as a means for DMs to knit a new group of PCs together before a first session begins, by providing ideas for the group's backstory.

- Anything else you can think of. (And if you do find a use for them, please let me know in this thread.)

Enjoy! :D


NOTE: As time progresses, I will slowly port entries from this list over to my offerings on the DMs Guild. Until then, the offerings will remain here for your use and enjoyment. Good gaming to you!
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1. The Bloody Banners
A trio of outlander fighters--all survivors of a failed expedition into the Stonelands--form the core of this twelve strong adventuring band. They were fortunate enough to stumble upon a meager cache of healing magic and coin during their lost wanderings. Alongside a handful of other survivors, the trio escaped the Stonelands and made for Arabel where they formed an adventuring party. With new companions at their side the Bloody Banners have set out once more for the Stonelands to revisit the cache, and then to take their revenge on the hobgoblins that nearly slew them.

2. The Cracked Helms
A score of foresters, druids and rangers made up the adventuring band known as the Bright Helms of Tethgard. Thirteen Helms met their doom in the tunnels and caverns beneath the ruin from which they had taken their name. The survivors regrouped, took a new name inspired by the condition of their leader's helm, and left for Greatgaunt. The Cracked Helms explore the lands between the Sunset Mountains and the Stormhorns.

3. Ten From Tyrluk
A mostly ineffective band of youthful farmers and dreamers. The Ten do not hold an adventuring charter. Between them they know the hills and valleys for miles around Tyrluk. The addition to their ranks of a Chancepriest from the Lady's House in Arabel has spurred them to explore more than the first few feet of the interiors of the handful of caves and old ruins the Ten have discovered in their wanderings.

4. The Blades of Blustich
Before they were ever the Blades of Blustich, several members of this soon to be adventuring band discovered a small ship run aground near Blustich. They were attacked by the ship's crew, defeated their foes and discovered the cargo: a handful of Cormyreans destined for slavery. The captives and their saviors joined forces and took the fight to the Cormyrean noble who'd secretly sponsored the ship (whom they captured and turned over to the Crown; he's now serving a term of twenty years incarceration inside the prison keep of Irlingstar). The Blades explore the Hermit's Wood and wander the coast as far as Moonever.

5. The Adventurers in Parchment
This unusually named band of adventurers are comprised of the surviving members of several other adventuring bands that were slaughtered by a tyrannical Amnian moneylender. The coin merchant kept one survivor from each band alive long enough to have that person magically bound into a tome. The Amnian was slain and robbed; his collection of arcana and tomes resold in Suzail during the Festival of Handras. A free mage of Cormyr bought the slave tome, discovered the captives within and freed them. The once captive adventurers elected to form a new group of explorers under the guidance and council of the mage.

6. The Terrible Tankards of Wormtower
This band of adventurers assembled with one goal in mind: recover enough treasure to finance the construction of a proper tavern in Wormtower--one fully stocked with the best drinkables to be had in all of Cormyr. The group are serious in their quest and plan to retire from adventuring when their coin goal is achieved.

7. The Broken Fingers of Marsember
The closest thing to a well-loved band of heroes to be found in Marsember. These adventurers derive their coin through vigilantism, the roughing up of miscreants and cutthroats, openly challenging anyone who thwarts Crown law, and challenging Crown officials who use the law for selfish ends. They enjoy breaking fingers and have earned a long list of enemies.

8. The Free Gnomes
Comprised entirely of outcast gnomes, this group of thieves and explorers is led by a charismatic gnome priest. The Free Gnomes explore the castles and mansions of Cormyrean nobles and the well to do, looking for signs of gnome habitation with the intent to recover relics and possessions of any gnomes that might have lived there. Not a few such buildings have entire rooms, pathways and living spaces built into them that are sized for gnomes, many of which have been forgotten about by their human inhabitants. The Free Gnomes are active in Suzail.

9. The Sails of Margrath's Rest
A mixed bunch of scavengers, sailors and bullyblades that banded together to overcome the hazards native to the ship graveyard called Margrath's Rest (located along the cost of the Dragonmere, west of Suzail). Together they discovered treasures hidden away in the hulls of a pair of scuttled ships. The Sails have since relocated to Suzail and purchased a ship of their own. Now they sail the Dragonmere in search of adventure.

10. The Guardians of Stonewatch
The original name for this band of adventurers has been lost to time. Each died on the battlements of Stonewatch while defending refugees assembled inside the garrison keep from massed forces of goblins and orcs during Cormyr's war against Nalavarra the Devil Dragon. The ghosts of the eight adventurers linger in and around the castle, chilling the bones of soldiers who fall asleep on watch and haunting anyone who is derelict in their duties. The eight are buried below the castle, their tomb manned at all hours by a lone Dragon (soldier) on watch.
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First Post
I play a PC (Fighter, Mystic Knight archetype) who runs an adventuring company called the Sterling Vermin and he literally works just to improve his home city. When he gets a big haul he plans to start funding orphanages and other public works but, for the time being, he is struggling to get work just to make a positive impact on the city.

Ten more adventuring companies, with short descriptions.

Enjoy! :cool:

1. Samdaer's Doomaxe
A giant of a Tethyrean led this band of adventurers. The Doomaxe was active in Cormyr and parts west as far as Darkhold. Forces from that grim structure hunted Samdaer and his comrades, waylaying them in Hluthvar. Samdaer fell in battle surrounded by a ring of Zhent corpses, as did most of the Doomaxe. If any of their number still live, they are likely to be found in Cormyr, along with whatever treasure they stole from the heart of Darkhold.

2. Durligo's Twelve Arrows
Expert bowmen, rock climbers and foresters. Some carry longbows as tall as a grown man that can launch an arrow a quarter mile and pierce the strongest of nonmagical armor. The Arrows range up and down the Stormhorns along Cormyr's western flank. When not poking around in tunnels and caves, the Arrows entertain themselves by climbing mountainsides and firing arrows from up high at targets in the valley below. This is also how they send messages.

4. Company of the Black Tear
Secretly followers of Myrkul. This group of adventurers roams northern Cormyr, the Stonelands and north into the Dales, ever on the lookout for lost temples, regalia and artifacts sacred to Myrkul's faith. Their leader is a potent cleric masquerading as a priest of Kelemvor. He casts ritual divinations daily that guide the Black Tear in their quests. They keep their loot in an abandoned mine north of Tilver's Gap.

5. Company of the Blazing Firewind
A band of Cormyrean adventurers better known in Sembia than in their homeland. One or more of their number possess magic capable of summoning walls of fire that can be shaped and moved about at will. The Firewind hires on as expensive caravan guards and are expert arsonists--the later activity necessitating the former when the adventurers must needs leave an area quickly.

7. The Four From Immersea
A quartet of adventurers: fighter, thief, priest and mage. Experienced veterans, with ties to Aglarond thanks to a long year of adventuring there. Battled a dragon to a standoff underneath the Desertsmouth Mountains. Lured a nest of Medusae through a portal that led to the Spiderhaunt Woods, then sealed it off so they could plunder the newly abandoned lair.

8. The Nine Gorgons of Battlerise
Never ones to shirk from a fight. The Gorgons are swift to anger at injustice done to goodly people and will bend or break the law to set matters aright. Thus are they frequent visitors to the stockade at Azoun's Hold. The handful of abandoned keeps and unkempt coastal estates to the south of Daerlun have captured the Gorgon's interest. They wear disguises when operating in Daerlun.

9. The Knightshields of Dhedluk
An honorable band of adventurers who've made a name for themselves in the King's Forrest.
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This evening's ten adventuring companies are brought to you by our sponsors:

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1. The Slydaggers
Hardblade mercenaries and cutthroats from the Moonsea and Dragonreach. The Slydaggers are recent arrivals in Cormyr, all believing it to be a soft place ripe for plunder. They've set themselves up as no questions asked problem solvers and eliminators of adventurers, and plan to turn on any patron they come to work for after earning their patron's trust.

2. The Twelvefold Trollkillers
A group of upland Sembians with experience fighting in the Dales and in Sembia proper. The Trollkillers left Sembia for Cormyr, and found adventure in the woods of Semberholme and the foothills of the Thunder Peaks while traveling on the East Way. Their name is a recent acquisition, thanks to a bloody battle in the Hullack Forest that saw the Trollkillers defend a caravan of refugees from four-armed trolls swarming out of the woods. They reside in Arabel.

3. The Glimmerboots
All sons and daughters of a long lived, unscrupulous ship merchant cum pirate and his crew. That pirate would send his men to collect their bastard children on their twelfth birthdays and take them aboard ship, feed them full of food and poison them to die in their sleep. The next day would see a ritual feast made from the corpses for the crew to consume and absorb their vitality. The captain would keep a thigh bone from each victim to decorate the walls of his cabin. The Glimmerboots sail their enchanted ship to ports of call in Cormyr, Sembia, Westgate and the Vilhon, and battle pirates, cutthroats, slavers and nefarious merchant cabals.

4. The Skullcloaks of Sunset Hill
All wear hooded cloaks capable of conjuring a grinning skull over the wearer's face whenever the hood is pulled up over the head. Stories and rumor have assigned other powers to the cloaks, such as darkvision and immunity from the deleterious touch or certain undead. This ten strong band is led by a pair of she elves and includes four mages from Scornubel that look exactly alike.

5. The Wildblades of Suzail
A group of bored and restless third, fourth and fifth in line sons and daughters of Cormyrean nobles who stand far back in line of inheritance, that have heard of the "wildblade" lords of Waterdeep that run wild up and down the Sword Coast and have taken that word as the name for their adventuring band.

6. The Company of the Dead Barge
All were poisoned and left to die, their bodies piled up with corpses of the nameless dead on a barge set to burn in the waters of Marsember.[1] They awoke in time and escaped into the water, then formed a band to pursue their attackers in the city. Their numbers have since doubled with the addition of castoffs from a band of mercenaries run out of Westgate.

7. The Surly Anandjacks of Arabel
As their name suggests, the Surly Anandjacks are former servants. They all shared an affinity for disobedience and threw in together to find a life of adventure. Before departing Arabel for the wilder parts of Cormyr and beyond, the Anandjacks absconded from the places where they had toiled certain maps and chapbooks detailing old ruins, dungeons and caves in the lands west of the Dales. Unbeknownst to them, bounty hunters and other adventurers have been hired to hunt them down and retrieve the stolen items.

8. Lightheart's Bloody Hammers
A hulking warrior maiden leads this band of hammer-swinging dwarves. Lightheart is the only human in the group, and speaks for the Hammers in all matters.

9. The Moondelvers of Priapurl
Adventurers with a taste for unexplored elf ruins, the dangerous the better. The Moondelvers are amassing a collection of Elven artifacts, all of which are shipped to Priapurl.

10. Blackthroat's Tyrant Kings
Followers of the teachings of Aumarrath, an early prophet of Bane. Each member is an accomplished (even if only in his or her mind) master at their chosen adventuring field. The Tyrant Kings do not flaunt their faith in places like Cormyr. Instead they adhere to the rule of law and quietly dispatch their own harsh brand of justice on anyone or anything they see the law as having failed to judge or punish adequately. They seek to influence the powerful in Cormyr, and have found patrons amongst the lesser nobility.

[1] "Dead barge cremations" are the means by which Marsembans rid themselves of their excess dead.
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Forty More Adventuring Company Names

Company names in color are hyperlinked to a description for the adventurers later in the thread.


1. The Ghost Knights

2. The Blind Beholders

3. The Sarrukh Slayers

4. The Haunted Battlepriests

5. The Magekillers of Gulthandor

6. The Avengers of Moryndrar

7. The Serpentslayers of Chavyondat

8. The Widowed Nighthaunts

9. The Wandering Warpriests

10. Tybold's Terrible Shields

11. The Grimblades

12. Foes of the Cauldron

13. The Warders of the Hullack

14. Oromanche's Doomseekers

15. The Sundered Skulls

16. Hornshulder's Loyal Blades

17. Cathcatch's Doomed Friends

18. The Maidenseekers of Purdrim

19. The Company of the Arrogant Quill

20. The Company of the Dead Apprentice

21. The Scions of the Talking Door

22. The Blade Heralds of Ormpur

23. The Company of the Bold Axe

24. Friends of the Arshryke

25. The Cowled Nightlords of Westgate

26. The Hands of the Watchfan

27. Brightboots and Bloodcoins, Adventurers For Hire

28. The Company of the Runewight

29. The Company of the Howling Mine

30. Velahoondelar's Wagontamers

31. The Company of the Mirror Ghost

32. The Company of Helm and Heart

33. The Hammerfoot

34. Seekers of the Keyhole

35. The Quietcloaks of Slingdyke

36. The Company of the Dead Sembian

37. The Keg Crushers of Moonever

38. The Lanceknights of Monksblade

39. The Company of the Stolen Elf

40. The Company of the Crestfallen Imp
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Halvarl’s Lost Swords

Based out of Asbravn, Halvarl’s Lost Swords are noteworthy for being discovered in petrified form amongst a group of fallen down statues scattered across a valley abutting the tall peaks of the Sunset Mountains.[1]

Though Halvarl and four others were freed, time and the elements reduced the majority of Halvarl’s companions to broken, weather-beaten stone, and they could not be saved. [2]

The shattered remains of Halvarl’s comrades and the alien, out of touch ways of his companions lent credibility to a most startling claim: the five individuals that would become the Lost Swords hailed from a time when the lands of Teshar and Anauria still existed, and there was only the Great Sand Sea, not Anauroch.[3]

Little is known about the Lost Swords, other than their origin: In the Year of the Tusk (112 DR), Halvarl fled his home along the southern coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars and traveled by boat to Suzail where he assembled a twelve-strong band of adventurers with the intent of battling the monsters and mercenary wizards forever harrying the nascent kingdom of Cormyr, not knowing the adventurers were destined to be frozen in time for the next 1300 years.

Cormyrean sages believe at least two of the Swords are natives of Asram, that all but one of the Swords hailing from Suzail perished in statue form, and that save for Halvarl all the survivors are women.[4]

Halvarl is a skilled fighter and expert at negotiating, and all the Lost Swords are superior horse riders. The specific abilities of the other Swords are a mystery to those not native to Asbravn.

And it is in Asbravn where the Swords have busied themselves with gathering information about the new world they live in from the many merchants and travelers that pass through the town, and with assisting the Riders in Red Cloaks[5] in driving off Zhentarim aggressors. The catacombs beneath Asbravn have piqued the Lost Swords' interest as well.

None but Halvarl speaks for the Lost Swords.

[1] The Lost Swords were both discovered and freed by another adventuring company: the Five Bright Blades of Cormyr. The Bright Blades did not linger; well before Halvarl and his companions found their way to Asbravn, the Bright Blades had already arrived in Suzail, there to petition the ruler of all Cormyr for a private audience. Rumorfire burned bright through Suzail when word passed from the Royal Court to greater Suzail that not only was the audience granted, but a mysterious woman was revealed by the leader of the Bright Blades. Most assume her to be a lost Royal, but others claim she is of the blood of one of the families Silver.

[2] “Or they were released during the Time of Troubles or the Spellplague, when magic was not so reliable. There are tales of men and women from the past appearing in the wake of each of these calamitous events.” This from the doomed sage Loagrandboydar, and written as part of his regular correspondence with the monks of Sagekeep before he fell prey to magical calamity in the depths of the Royal Palace of the Purple Dragon. (See page 302 of the novel “Bury Elminster Deep”.)

[3] Though Halvarl will go on at length about the world as he knew it (to anyone he befriends and learns to trust, mind), he will not speak of his fallen comrades and has never willingly told anyone the name of the adventuring company he founded in Suzail.

[4] As overheard at the headquarters of the Society of Stalwart Adventurers in Suzail by a well-dressed and always hooded figure known as the Rogue Cloak—a thief who’s been kicked out of the Society and then readmitted numerous times. The Rogue Cloak listened in as members of the Five Bright Blades recounted their discovery of the Lost Swords, and then sold an account of that conversation to sages specializing in adventurer lore and the history of Cormyr and the surrounding lands. For their part the members of the Blades have let it be known that when next they encounter the Rogue Cloak they intend to remove his (or her) tongue and nail it to the Society’s front door as a reminder to all that what is said within its walls is to remain within those walls.

[5] Asbravn’s volunteer militia. See the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, page 225.
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The Company of the Crimson Manticore

This eclectic mix of adventurers ranges up and down the Sword Coast from Calimshan to Luskan, and as far inland as Thay. The Manticores are expert horsemen and ride trained mounts that are equal to their masters in terms of bravery and resolve in the face of danger, and quite possibly in intelligence.

Between them the Manticores speak over a dozen languages, and all share a love of horses. Wanderlust is a common trait in their ranks, as is a deep hatred for any who block the road.

The Company of the Crimson Manticore started out as a specialized escort service based in Waterdeep—one that catered to elves seeking armed and mounted protection while traveling along the human-infested roads of Faerûn.

The needs of the elves coupled with the dangers to be found as one traveled from Waterdeep to destinations all over the continent required the very best of the escorts, so Elnithor wasted no time in recruiting those he judged best suited to task and terrain, whether half-elf or human, and often from the destinations his customers had in mind.

As Elnithor’s business grew, he passed the reigns of responsibility to his daughters and took to the road with his most trusted lieutenants to settle scores tallied up in previous roadside skirmishes.

For three decades the Manticores have exterminated brigands, highwaymen and anyone who dares to block their path. They hunt those who harm and attack elves and half-elves, and readily share their wrath with hunters of halflings and anyone known to clear-cut woodlands and attack the supernatural denizens of the forests.

The Manticores are known for not seeking fame so much as trouble, which has led them into conflict with local authorities more than once. Nevertheless they are welcomed and appreciated in most woodland settlements where elves and half-elves live, and trade caravans are eager to partner with them for as long as they share the same road.

Time has not blunted Elnithor’s zeal, and as his holdings have grown in Waterdeep (along with his grandchildren) he has recruited and replenished the ranks of the Manticores from within his own family and that of his retired lieutenants.

It is unheard of for Elnithor to winter anywhere other than Waterdeep, though in the cold months his lieutenants can be found Faerûn-over, just as the enemies of the Manticores are many, and spread across the face of the continent.

The most current roster of the Manticores is:

• Elnithor of Farmeadows, 5th level sorcerer, 8th level ranger, CG, elven male, leader
• Zazphrombelar of Almraiven, 11th level elven fighter, NG, male
• Jalassa Weepingtree, 7th level thief/3rd level fighter, CG, half-elf female
• Murlanthra “Many Spells” Martolk, 10th level half-elf wizard, CG, female
• Stornalad of Tangled Trees, 10th level fighter, NG, human male
• Sasbrenor the Stormbringer, 9th level half-elf cleric of Talos, CG, male
• Horskald, 8th level barbarian, CG, human male
• Thut-hakh, 7th level monk of Ilmater, CG, half-ogre male

Harbold’s Hellraisers

After two years and three months on EN World, Harbold's Hellraisers are making their way to my next DMs Guild offering.

I hope you found something useful in their writeup.
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More adventuring company names follow. They were inspired by places and hidden things in and around Cormyr, and to a lesser degree the wider Forgotten Realms.

Company names in color are hyperlinked to a description for the adventurers later in the thread.

1. The Six Bold Bards
2. The Company of the Bottled Fiend
3. The Maiden Thieves of Crownpost
4. The Scarlet Knights of Halfhap
5. The Brothers of the Rose Altar
6. Sendever’s Five Shields
7. The Company of the Three Curses
8. The Seekers of the Sleeping Rings
9. The Sly Lanterns
10. Omkurl’s Ready Blades

11. The Seekers of the Night Helm (There’s at least one in Cormyr. Honest!)
12. The Wizards of the Endless Well
13. Thalowood’s Devil Hunters
14. The Fighting Flagons of Bospir
15. The Chancepriests of Arabel
16. The Dragonfangs
17. The Company of the Sleeping Wyvern
18. The Eel Lords of Margrath’s Rest
19. The Blackened Gargoyles of Thunderstone
20. The Company of the Pearl Serpent

21. Alendue’s Winking Gems
22. The Dread Door Wardens
23. The Swiftslayers of Ghars
24. The Men of the Horngate
25. Yeladra’s Fearsome Axes
26. The Torch Drinkers of Bogbrook
27. The Company of the Dueling Ghosts
28. Solatha’s Sorcerers
29. The Company of the White Lynx
30. The Company of the Angry Chamber Pot
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A description follows for one of the thirty entries in in this post from earlier in the thread.


Alendue’s Winking Gems

Crown Law prohibits the use of the names of Royals, alive or dead, as part of the name of a business or adventuring company. The members of Alendue’s Winking Gems have avoided punishment for breaking this particular law by performing heroic deeds, and by making the outskirts of Cormyr’s borders their stomping grounds.

The Winking Gems eagerly explore all of the southern Dragon Coast, and have made successful incursions into the ruins of Pros and Haunted Ilipur. They are a frequent sight on the Trader’s Road between Elversult and Teziir, and spend the winter months in Redwater.

Agents of the Crown observe the adventurers closely, on the suspicion that they have recovered a cache of magical gems that once belonged to the Cormyrean Queen after which the Winking Gems take their name. In this the group of Highknights and Wizards of War that spy on the adventurers are correct, but they’ve yet to try and recover the cache because the leader of the Winking Gems has used one of Alendue’s magical baubles to identify and control the mind of the group’s leader, carefully turning his thoughts to other matters.

In this way the Winking Gems have steered the Crown agents in the direction of slavers, brigands, and unscrupulous merchants out of Westgate, and made the lands along Cormyr’s southern frontier a little safer.

A former mercenary captain leads the Winking Gems. All are human.

Glanthra “The Galloping Knight” Halowyrm, Fighter 8, leader
Tamrael of Athkatla, Fighter 6
Malarrla “Bloodcoins” Branthur, Rogue 6
Ozrin, Sorcerer 6
Andragus “The Mad Magister" of Memnon, Warlock 4
Gholsuntiir, Wizard 4
Irigoth Emmertide, of Suzail, Cleric 3 (Tyr)
Crimmon of the Towers of Good Fortune, Cleric 3 (Tymora)
Immult, Bard of Elversult, Bard 3
Tathkaskur “The Tyrant Slayer”, Fighter 1
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A description follows for one of the thirty entries in in this post from earlier in the thread.

NOTE: Like some of the other entries in this thread, the entry below has found its way into Eye on Cormyr, Issue #1 on the DMs Guild. The entry that follows remains here to give you an idea of what kind of content can be found in Issue #1.


The Men of the Horngate

Fifteen in number, this band of unchartered novice adventurers are not the first group of would-be sword swingers to take the name of Suzail's northwest gate and make use of it in an adventuring moniker.

The Men of the Horngate operate in the lands west of Suzail. They wander the Merewash Trail exploring coastal ruins along the Dragonmere, and up into the castle and cottage-filled woodland hills where the King's Forest and the Stormhorns overlap.

The Men have made friends of the monks that inhabit the Vault of Restful Dead, from which one novice cleric has departed to join the Men on their adventures. Aside from the cleric, the ranks of the Men have not changed during their first season of adventure. They've yet to lose a member, despite fighting skirmishes against overwhelming odds in the Wormpits, and while escaping from death by drowning while exploring the rotting interior of one of the many abandoned vessels that fill the ship graveyard of Margrath's Rest.

The majority of the Men are experienced day laborers and dockworkers. A few are the third and fourth sons of dung carters and lesser servant families. Collectively they know all of Suzail south of the Promenade, and most of the Men make side coins by loitering in the vicinity of the Horngate and waiting for merchants that appear new to Cormyr's capital city, who are likely to need help finding buyers for their wares as well as instructions on how best to abide by Cormyr's tax codes and laws.

The Men of the Horngate have returned home to Suzail for the winter. As soon as the snows thaw they plan to head north on the Way of the Dragon for the bustling town of Waymoot, in the King's Forest, to see a task done on behalf of the monks of the Vault. Upon their return to Suzail the Men plan to resupply and then march west to Mage Keep, there to breach the wretched castle's high walls and plunder the treasures rumored to fill its vaults.


The roster of adventurers that follows borrows some first names from my Cormyr Sourcebook (page 34, "For the Player"), and follows its advice on naming conventions common to the Realms. For example, it's not uncommon for someone to make use of their current or last place of employment as a surname, e.g. Kelgantor of the Wheel: Kelgantor finds work as a doorjack (a kind of all-purpose errand runner) at the Wailing Wheel Inn, near Horngate.

  • Talonar of Horngate, Fighter 2, Leader
  • Markuld, Fighter 1, Second in Command
  • Welwyn Feathershot, Cleric 1
  • "Bellowing" Belnar Hornshulder, Fighter 1
  • Corleth of Seven Suns, Fighter 1
  • Danthalus "the Bold" Stoutbold, Fighter 1
  • Foril Belarshout, Fighter 1
  • Kelgantor of The Wheel, Fighter 1
  • Naskbryn of Westgate, Fighter 1
  • Neld Allaghar, Fighter 1
  • Orkrash, Fighter 1
  • Arbrace of Rowanmantle, Rogue 1
  • Skult, Rogue 1
  • Traevyn of Six Candles, Rogue 1
  • Corlador Castlehaunt, Sorcerer 1

The map slice included in this post is taken from a larger regional map of Cormyr (page 58 of my Sourcebook) and it shows some of the areas listed in the adventuring party description above.

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It's amazing that you don't know something exists on a forum, and then it smacks you on the head out of nowhere! :) Fantastic thread, by the way, and one I've now bookmarked.

From post #6 in this thread, itself containing forty adventuring company names, I present to you The Scions of the Talking Door.

NOTE: The entry that follows has become part of the content for Current Clack: Neverwinter.


The Scions of the Talking Door

At the Inn of the Dripping Dagger, Trades Ward, Waterdeep, one may encounter visitors who have every intention of staying for longer than a few drinks. Alongside the regular guests of the Inn and its staff, such visitors pass the time in the main room in silence while waiting for the door to the Inn to utter a cryptic phrase. Hushed whispers and the patter of coins on tables ride over the silence, the later paying for drinks that allow visitors to keep from being ushered through a back exit so others waiting in line can take their place.

Jacks and lasses sit either side of the door day and night. They strain to hear every word when the Talking Door speaks, and then report what was heard to Systarra Lohthuntle, master of the Inn. Regular customers know these servants to be loyal to Systarra; they cannot be bribed. The heads of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors know this too, because all but one of the door minders was placed at the Inn by the Order.

On the night that the Door spoke, "Five in a room shall find great wealth in a place where a dragon sits the throne," nine souls were to be found in the main room: four servants, and five who'd rented rooms (the Inn is closed to non-renters after sunset).

None of the five were acquainted before that night, but they'd already made fast friends of each other by the time the sun tried in vain to warm Waterdeep's cold streets the next morning. Confident that the Door was describing them, and equally confident that it spoke of far off Cormyr, they settled their accounts and left the Inn of the Dripping Dagger for The Forest Kingdom.

Waterdeep had barely receded over the horizon when the five travelers were set upon by cutthroats sent to acquire whatever knowledge the travelers possessed of the Talking Door, then slay them. By the time the quintet arrived in Cormyr, they'd repelled three more attacks--in each case surviving with little more than their lives.

Today the Scions wear the looks of the constantly hunted, always wary warrior who sees death lurking in every shadowy corner. They are ignorant of Cormyr's customs and laws and so have no adventuring charter. They have no clue where their riches are to be found, and have succeeded only in coming up with a name for their would-be adventuring band.

The Scions chose Arabel over Suzail as their home base, assuming it to be more like Waterdeep and perhaps more hospitable to their tastes. They have convinced themselves the attacks will stop now that they have arrived at their destination.

And they are wrong. Now that the Scions have been judged capable of fending off the minions of adversaries too impatient to wait and see what destiny has in store for the five travelers, more patient enemies that lurk in the shadows have chosen to afford the Scions a measure of their wise attention.

Should the adventurers find their riches, they won't keep it for long.


The Scions are:
  • Kleannsur Hortothul, Just Hand of Torm. Cleric 7
  • Jessalythe Sparrantar, independent adventurer-wizard. Wizard 7
  • Blacksunder the Rogue (and murderer for hire back in Waterdeep). Fighter 3, Rogue 3
  • Awntrus "The Black Glove" Malaver, former unguilded investigator. Fighter 1, Rogue 5
  • Alathea Gryphonsar. Sorcerer 4, Rogue 2

This entry was inspired by the article "The Talking Door", by Ed Greenwood, in Dragon #410.
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From post #10 in this thread, I present to you Thallowood's Devil Hunters.


Thallowood’s Devil Hunters

The Ranger Thallowood leads this band of expert fiend hunters and slayers.

The Devil Hunters spent a decade scouring the deepest parts of Cormanthor of fiends and terrors on behalf of the elves that were busily rebuilding the ruins of Myth Drannor. A fierce disagreement with the resident elves of the Elven Court over tactics forced the Devil Hunters out of Cormanthor and south into the Dalelands, where they spent a handful of years acting the part of heroic mercenaries as opposed to adventurers.

Their efforts to rid the Dales of the dark influence of the Shadovar won them many friends, but ten times as many enemies.

Thus, the Devil Hunters do not set foot into Sembia on pain of death (and a substantial reward for their would-be slayers for every Devil Hunter's head collected). Despite their reputation, while traveling in the Dales the Devil Hunters keep a low profile to avoid notice by the endless Sembian and Shadaveri spies that infest the region. These spies employ the homeless and the hungry to act as their eyes and ears, but the Devil Hunters hold no contempt for those that are forced to trade the life of someone else for coin enough to purchase one night's meal and the privilege of sleeping in a warm bed.

The Devil Hunters have withstood attacks by assassins, conjured monsters, mercenaries and bullyblades, and they've wiped out a score of adventuring parties over the years. Few realize this has caused the Hunter's ranks to swell, as Thalowood always offers the last adventurer standing a choice: join the Devil Hunters, or depart the region forever on pain of death.

Their numbers are sufficient to allow Thallowood to divide the Hunters into "Banners" of eight or nine adventurers. She prefers to keep her forces on the move, and to keep the many enemies of the Hunters guessing as to the true number of members and their power.

Word of the presence of a powerful fiend plaguing the steep mountains of the Thunder Peaks north of the Thunder Way has drawn the Devil Hunters away from the Dalelands and into Cormyr. They intend to locate and dispatch the fiend, and then search for the Company of the Bottled Fiend, who rumor claims were responsible for unleashing the foul creature into the Forest Kingdom, so the Hunters may determine if any other fiends require slaying.

Thallowood and her companions are currently located in Arabel, having traveled the Moonsea Ride south while posing as Dales merchants. They plan to resupply and then take the Sword River south before turning east and sailing the Wyvernwater as far as Hultail. From there they will cross to the Thunder Way and then travel on foot for High castle in the Thunder Peaks.

The Devil Hunters are:
  • Thallowood, Half-Elf Ranger 16, Leader (Erevan Ilesere)
  • Urk Helleater, Halfling Barbarian 13
  • Shasslan, Human Bard 8
  • Tyssa, "Bard of Tangled Trees", Elf Bard 15
  • Aumrazz'aulmar, Human Cleric 9 (Velsharoon)
  • Hacathra "Moondancer" Zrinn, Half-Drow Cleric 13 (Eilistraee)
  • Melathandrial of Semberholme, Elf Cleric 12 (Shevarash)
  • Azalganthra Nimune, Human Druid 15 (Meilikki)
  • Braegana of Evermeet, Elf Fighter 6
  • Kriv "The Exile", Dragonborn Fighter 14
  • Orlpar Gossyl, Half-Elf Fighter 13
  • Mourn "Three Hands", Elf Fighter 14
  • Buldo "The Brawler", Human Fighter 6
  • Velt Thabbar, Human Fighter 7
  • Grim Amblecrown, Human Paladin 10 (Red Knight)
  • Mane "The Devil Slayer", Human Paladin 14 (Torm)
  • Nerg "No Shoes" Skulldrivver, Dwarf Ranger 13 (Thard Harr)
  • Blackfeather, Rogue 5
  • Dalabrac "Nooseneck" Dardragon, Halfling Rogue 10
  • Zol'xar "The Spider Kisser", Half-Drow Rogue 13
  • Saldashune "Slayer of Serpents" Il-Azzedar, Human Sorcerer 12
  • Tantan "The Spell Singer", Sorcerer 7
  • Harra of Velarswood, Half-Elf Warlock 11 (Fey Pact)
  • Gormogord "Grimspells", Human Wizard 5
  • Imizael of Myth Drannor, Elf Wizard 15
  • Vosthyl Stamaraster, Human Wizard 14
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Sailing to the distant continent of Xen'drik in search of adventure, their ship founders in a storm. 3 days later, after many of the crew have been devoured by sharks, they wash ashore on the beach of a jungle. A few days later, dark elves with grey and white war paint capture them. They are sold to another faction of dark elves, the umbragen, that dwell in the Deep Below. They manage to escape their captivity after a few weeks of slave labour, some of the crew that survived were hunted like game animals by dark elves on some manner of sadistic safari. Fleeing into the tunnels of this shadowy underworld, they encounter strange and dangerous flora and bizzare and terrifying creatures. In attempting to cross a vast undreground sea, they encounter a strange tribe of reptillian creatures. Whilst staying there, vying factions attempt to sacrifice them, and a horrifying Overorld is summoned from beyond the Dark Veil. This two headed monstrosity lays waste to the saurian village. The group rescues a grey dwarf and they take his keelboat flee across the water. A few weeks later after battling denizens of the Dark Lake, they arrive at a city of the grey dwarves. They buy supplies, and have a number of adventures, before fleeing the wrath of the two headed demonic overlord that begins detroying the wharf front. A strange fungi creature leads them to its home, where more demonic activity is discovered. They manage to rescue about half the fungi people, who flee their city. A few weeks later they arrive at a large double cavern. Within is an ancient city of the Stone Giants, now ruled by their ex-slaves the deep gnomes. The group is proving their worth by reclaiming an area of the ruined city. Whilst sleeping at their Inn between forays, a sinkhole swallowed the Inn whole, dropping them into a network of tunnels and caverns below the city. This area is contaminated by a planar convergence of the Shadowfell. They are attempting to find a way back to the city, with the Inn's survivors.
They are - The Fallen: - mainly because everywhere they go bad :):):):) always happens LOL
Spinning Sky (Ranger 6th, Tabaxi)
Kaleb Fontyane (Fighter 6th, Human)
Elidyr Starbreeze (Wizard 6th, Eladrin)
Naron Lightbringer (Paladin 6th, Aasimar)
Gilginish Tureblade (Fighter 6th, Human)

Nice work Amatiel.

I particularly like the part about Deep Gnomes having overthrown their Giantish masters. That conjures some pretty cool scenes and ideas in my head.

Looking forward to your future posts in this thread. :)

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