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Coming "Aesir: The Last Avatar" - What if Avatar: The Last Airbender was set in Iron Age Britannia? (FitD hack ; playtesters wanted)


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Hi everyone! I'm excited and terrified to put my baby out into the public eye. It's been cooking long enough.

It's Roman invaders, reaving berserkers, tricksy fae, petty kings, colossal elemental avatars that reshape the very landscape with their passing, and a group of adventurers trying to carve out their legacy while ancient spirits observe their deeds.

Instead of dice, cards are drawn. Instead of martial arts, runes are drawn. There's some hexcrawling, optional combat rules, and of course... Chimeric animals. The itch page has the playtest doc, character generator (in excel format), crew (called 'Hirds') sheets, and the link to a discord channel.

(FitD hack ; playtesters wanted)

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