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African Adventures


How often does slavery come up in your games?
I saw that upthread, in 2016 I posted about an old GH game that had slavery as a theme, and connected that to an African-flavoured Hepmonaland.

Abolitionism was a theme in that game. Unsurprisingly, the PC whose family was descended from Hepmonaland, and who had been born into slavery, was a leader of that movement.

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Derren does post other stuff. In one of my Traveller threads he was arguing that the game would be better if it the players spent less time doing stuff and more time ferreting for information from the GM.
Actually I was arguing that players have a much better experience when the GM prepares a believable world instead of being a yes man without a plan.


Y'all would likely benefit from starting a new thread in the general forum. This forum was correct back in 2015, but is now reserved for Paizo's games specifically.

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