D&D 5E After a month and a half, how has Silvery Barbs worked in play at your table?

How has Silvery Barbs been in play?

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Silvery Barbs generated a lot of controversy here when it was first released. After being in play a month and a half what has been your in-game experience? I would prefer observations based on actual play, not conjecture. Supporting examples would be good.

From my own games:
I have played it on a Bladesinger. The first time I used it was to successfully land a save on Vortex Warp and I was cut down to zero hps that round because I could not shield (while in bladesong). Since then I have been more judicious. I have also used it to remove several hits from allies when I was confident I would at least survive the round. I removed a crit from myself, but I was still hit on the reattack, so it saved me some damage there. I also had it fail to change a couple hits and a save too. On the advantage side, I enabled a Rogue Sneak Attack which would have otherwise been lost but not really had a huge effect other than that.

I have seen others at my tables use it similarly, to include landing multiple saves on sickening radiance with it, but overall I have been underwhelmed. When it has been successful at changing the outcome it is on fights we would have won anyway (which is of course most fights). As of yet it has not completely altered a game I have been involved in.

Going into this I thought it would be a solid A and one of the best 1st-level spells available. After play I think it is a B. It is useful and when you use it there is usually no other alternative to accomplish the same thing, but it is not as game saving as shield or as clutch as absorb elements IME thus far. In short it is better than most 1st level spells, but not as good as the best 1st level spells (bless, PGE, FF, shield).
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