Age of Worms (Act I All Quiet on the Western Front)


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Verbatim said:

I know that the reports of my demise have been circulating on the internet and tabloids, but I just wanted to say that for a while I thought I was truly dead, it turns out I was merely in lower Alabama....

RL has been hectic for me as many of you all know, and while the situation currently is one that I can survive on, there are still many things I have to do before I am squared away like I want to be.

However I do still want to continue the game if you all still wish me to do so. I will apologize in advance if the game starts to seem a little more dark, as there has been little lately for me to be in a "good" mood over.

I am going out of town for the weekend to see some friends in Va Beach, but I will be back Monday morning-ish. I will press on with those who are still here, but will fault none if they have pressed on for greener pastures and calmer seas.

See you all Monday...


Completly understandbale and take all the time you need. As a DM on these boards as well I cna relate to having RL issues crop up and delay my online games.

I am not going anywhere.

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Right now, RL doesn't give me enough space to run a game. The only reason I have been able to be on the boards as much as I have is due to my company closing for the Christmas holiday.

I am still hoping to get things smoothed over enough from my side to get this and the Sunless game going again, and as soon as I feel that I can do it, I will let everyone know and fire things up full speed ahead.

Merry Christmas all...


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Okay, since I've heard something about every other game I was in, it's time to ask the question. Are we continuing this game or is it ending?

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