AI creates a few D&D spells

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A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
I was thinking this referred to Acquisitions Incorporated. Looking over this list, it seems as if it could have.


Dusty Dragon
I've been working on some of these :D

Fomend’s Beating Sphere, level 2
An alternate of flaming sphere, that does low damage (1d4?) but also pushes people down (shoving at strength 16). The sphere has a reaction action that it uses to slam people trying to move away from it. When the spell works "well" it will shove down the victim and them bounce up and down on said victim until death ensures.

Cow of Auraly, level ?
A spying spell that works via a cow. Once enchanted, the caster hears everything the cow hears for the next 24 hours

Finger of Enftebtemang, level 1
An attack spell by the infamous mage Enftebtemang (who did everything in the most complicated way possible), this spells switches the caster and target into an alternate, accelerated time stream. Over the course of several days, while the rest of the world apears frozen in time, one of the fingernails of the caster grows tremendously and stabs the victim (who is frozen but aware of the proceedings) in the face. This inflicts 1d12 damage, and the victim has disadvantage on its next attack, save or ability check due to disorientation. The user of the spell is recommended to bring food and water and perhaps a good book.

Conjure Velemert, level 3
A risky spell that conjures the arch-mage Velemert, who has no head and a face of the palm of his hands. Velemert is annoyed at being summoned but will answer a single question (knowledge +10 arcana, history, +5 to other checks) if placated (Persuation 15). If insulted (failure by 10), attacked, intimidated or simply annoyed by a caster who's too slow to ask a question or doesn't understand what's going on, Velemert grows angry and casts magic missile at the spellcaster. If this attack fails, Velemert will laugh (but next time he's annoyed, he'll use another attack spell...). If Velemert's inclined to answer the question, he will answer with confidence and authority, no matter if he actually knows the answer or not (ie, he will rather lie that admit not knowing something). Once Velemert has answered the question OR blasted the caster, he disappears in a puff of purple smoke.
Conjure Velemert can only be used once per day (and if someone else used it first, too bad for you!) and as a result the spell is a closely guarded secret.

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