Al-Qarin: Into the Desert (3-1-24)

Bad news once again, I'm afraid. As a result of passing a second round of exams, I once again have to leave town and head to Toronto for a two week training seminar. The next update is in the works, but since I'm leaving this afternoon, well...

Anyhow, I'll probably have time to work on it while I'm down there, so you can start haranguing me for a post when I get back, on the 7th.

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Well, it seems that things are winding down for a while. Our dear DM, Galeman is moving out of the city to go to teachers College. *sigh* So we'll only get to play again during intermittent visits.

On the bright side, there is still tonnes of material for Eternal Newbie to post! (If he'd ever get around to it...maybe he needs some subtle persuasion...)

There is still lots of fun stuff to come, so stay tuned!


well it seems that without the creative inspiration drving these stories out of the city that this story hour has fallen into general obscurity. which is too bad because it was pretty good. i suggest regularly bugging eternalnewbie until he posts again. i'll start to give out rewards for the most inspiring taunt, such as: a key to the newb's house, the newb's very own PIN and other great prizes that would make him just a little uncomfortable about not posting regurlarly.

Well, it's been an interesting summer. I finally finished the last of the exams I had to write this year, which as you may have noticed slowed down the pace of my updates to the point of stagnation. Writing practice exams for 6 hours a day for the last 5 weeks kind of dampened my enthusiam for recreational writing. However, I'm back at work now and I should be able to get on a regular schedule I thought.

Evidently half of my office quit while I was off (admittedly, it's a small office, but still...) so when I returned, I was handed a job that took 3 weeks to complete last year, and told to do it in 2. Until I got to the clients, of course, at which point I was informed I had 1. So here I am, at work, on Saturday morning...

Anyhow, hopefully things will settle down soon. I am, (and have been for the last 2 months) working on another update, but it's slow going. Once I get this job done, maybe I'll have a little more time to work on it.


your excuses won't save you newb! i'm still giving your house key to pogre and the axe has won second prize of your PIN. congrats to all the winners and hopefully we'll have such a lovely turnout again next year.

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