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Press AlbaCon 2021 - An online, charity focused RPG Convention.


Tabletop Scotland & Polyhedral Press Overlord

I'm part of the team behind AlbaCon which is an online, charity focused RPG convention happening on the 2nd & 3rd of October 2021.

Last year we raised over £3,000 for It's Good 2 Give which is a charity that supports young cancer patients and their families.

For 2021 we've partnered with the mental health charity Penumbra and we hope to raise lots of money via ticket sales and other donations.

The convention is currently open for RPG submissions and you can view our current RPG Schedule here on our website.

Like last year we have support from a lot of RPG publishers and other companies. In addition to discount codes available to all attendees, we will be hosting a series of giveaways for attendees over the weekend and a charity raffle online.

Event booking goes live on Thursday the 19th August at 20:00 BST.

If you're planning to run a game, check out what's on offer to get an idea what to run. We have lots more games coming soon!



AlbaCon Website | Facebook | Twitter

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