D&D General Alchemy and Gathering Homebrew System

Hey everyone, I've been working on a homebrew system for alchemy and gathering in D&D 5e and would love your input. Here are the main ideas:

  1. Skill-Based Gathering and Brewing:
    • Use skill rolls (Nature/Survival/Investigation for gathering, Arcana for brewing) to make the process simple and engaging.
  2. Variety of Ingredients and Potions:
    • Introduce many unique ingredients from different environments and creatures.
    • Expand potion list, potions right now are a bit boring, there could be many more.
  3. Balanced Poisons:
    • Create powerful but balanced poisons, without making the Poisoner feat a must-have.
  4. Avoiding Level System:
    • Considering but likely avoiding a level system for alchemy XP to keep it from feeling too grindy.
  5. Alchemy Recipe Books:
    • Provide recipe books as loot/quests or from NPCs to introduce players to new alchemical recipes.
What do you think about these ideas?

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Dragon Magazine 130 has an article, Better Living Through Alchemy that may help. We used to use the monster ingredients chart to collect ingredients. I'll post part of it below.


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