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Release Alcyone-class Interstellar Freighter is now available!

The Alcyone-class Interstellar Freighter is now available at Drive-thru RPG and the Independence Games webstore! The PDF is available at DTRPG and the webstore and you can preorder the print version at our webstore (which will get you a free copy of the PDF at the time you preorder).

IG Webstore (PDF): Alcyone-class Interstellar Freighter (PDF)

IG Webstore (Softcover Preorder & PDF): Alcyone-class Interstellar Freighter (Softcover)


Prepare to ride fire!

One of several large Zimm-capable freighter designs that became increasingly widespread throughout colonized space during the First Interstellar Colonization Period and the very early colonization of Clement Sector. It is estimated that two hundred of the Alcyone were constructed before the increasing adoption of the far more efficient gravitic maneuver drive made them obsolete.

The Alcyone-class is a typical example of a large freighter constructed in the late pre-gravitic era. The hull displacement is large enough to provide a good balance of bulk cargo capacity and reaction mass tonnage to allow for longer thrust durations when travelling in-system.

This book contains full deckplans for the Alcyone prepared by Independence Games' starship guru, Michael Johnson. This is accompanied by the art of fan favorite artist, Ian Stead. Inside this book, you will learn about the Alcyone and how this ship can fit into your campaign.

Climb aboard and join the action!

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