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Alien RPG custom Character Sheet


This RPG looks cool.

I bought the book; it has everything I would expect from an Alien franchise RPG, but ! was still impressed by the production value. Rules are simple and evocative enough for the genre, lots of fluff too. I like it.

The only thing I wasn't trilled about was the character sheet. The sheet itself is beautiful, but I like "traditional-stats-at-top-left-corner" designs better than central layouts. I started making one based on the Coriolis character sheet's layout (which share the same basic mechanics), and then got carried away, in the form of a Weyland-Yutani company worker's personnel file.

Anyway, that's version 1. I may modify a few things, and make the important stuff stand out better from the "background noise" of the sheet. I'm not completely happy with the talent box either. I might make the header smaller in order to fit Talents at the bottom of the "form".

Alien Character Sheet.jpg

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Did a few changes on my custom character sheet, mostly cosmetic ones.

"Fluff" text is now medium grey while game-relevant information and keywords are bold and black, reducing the "background noise" that could make the sheet hard to read. Talent box is staying where it is; can't really make it fit anywhere else, and it's present position balances the aesthetics of the sheet. Besides, that put talent up there where they can easily be seen and remembered.




I purchased the Alien rpg as well and I think it looks good. The system is fairly simple and I really like the inclusion of panic dice. I'm not too keen on how much of the book is devoted to space combat though. It's not something that's ever been the focus of any of the movies as ships have always been either a setting for the action or a means of getting characters to the action. I honestly don't envision using the space combat rules in any game I run. I don't expect the PCs to be in armed ships unless I decide to run a marine game.


Yeah, spaceship combat came as a big surprise for me too. It’s like including tank battles into a game about roadside construction workers dealing with a bad case of sewer crocodiles...

I can’t say I’m disappointed, but it came unexpectedly.

...heh, I made a post about my second version and never posted the v2 sheet itself...
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Like the character sheet.

Two thoughts. No real place to mark that your character is synthetic. Second, I think on the backside I would create an area where you record experience gained and how it was spent. Just a bit of book keeping so that you can trace experience to make sure everything adds up properly.

Also, has anyone ever thought about making a character sheet for a smart phone? Characters in Alien are simple enough that you could put everything on a smart phone scaled PDF file with ease. Just a thought.
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Brilliant character sheet! I'm running this game for the first time in a couple of days, and originally I was just going to use the cards for the pregen PCs. But then I got thinking about people keeping track of things like their Stress, and so I decided to find a character sheet to use.

I agree that the ones in the book are okay, but I like this one better.

Well done! And thanks for sharing it!

aramis erak

It's clearer than the official, looks reasonably good, but 3 weapons is not enough for my players - several had 4, a few had 5. (Knife, pistol, rifle, backup pistol, specialty weapon...)

My own taste in sheets is much more utilitarian; it can be found Aramis' Little Site Rev 2019
Using edge tracks for the frequently changing stress and consumables is so paperclips, rather than mark/erase, can be used.


Well, that was fun
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It looks gorgeous! I love character sheets with in-theme designs. I can imagine that being a W-Y personnel form.

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