Alien RPG - how are you all liking it?


I'm assuming if you want to play a pure open sandbox this would be awesome, yes?

How tactical can you "fly/steer" your spaceship? I was looking at the index and it looks good.

Can you go into uncharted space, like Traveller and continue to plot stars/planets etc?

Are there lots of random tables to roll on when you need crap to hit the fan?

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aramis erak

The mission generator works fine in a sandbox mode, at least so far.
There are a few gaps, tho', for the Space Trucker mode...
1) how much tonnage the mission should require
2) how far out a far course should be.

In my two groups, 1 group has covered 3 months in 3 sessions; the other has covered 3 days in two sessions... different playstyles.

Both are having fun, tho' 1 layer is frustrated by having frozen at key points...

The horror feel is very much supported by the mechanics.


I really want this. How much do the accessories add to it, or can you play it well enough with the core book
You can play well enough with the core book. The GM does not need any special dice, at all, but could /should persuade players to buy a pack of stress dice each. GM screen is by reports useful but not essential. Same with the cards. Chariot the Gods is a GREAT adventure.

aramis erak

I really want this. How much do the accessories add to it, or can you play it well enough with the core book
You're going to need basic d6's in two colors, about 12-of one color (for stress dice) and 10-15 of another (for base dice). And some pencils and paper. A printer and computer are handy, too.

There are starmaps in the core's covers (and in the PDF), but they lack the full panoply of names.

And you're going to need 10 identical somethings that you can number and randomize for initiative. put together one suit from a deck of playing cards missing a few cards, or buy 10 wooden disks and number them, or whatever.

aramis erak

Can someone describe the one shot scenarios?
Hope's Last Day: what happens between Newt's folks finding the cache, and Ripley's team arriving. I've not read more into to know more... You're playing colonists.

Chariot of the Gods: You're a ship's crew. AI drops you out to answer a distress call....

aramis erak

thanks-thoughts on the traitor rule?
There is no "Traitor Rule."

There is a "PVP is limited" rule... If it comes down to PVP, one side is going to become NPCs at the end of the scene. I've allowed my players a little leeway... provided it's driven by the psychology rules and no one's having problems with it.

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