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ALIEN TV Series Officially On The Way


Well, that was fun
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"The live-action series is officially on the way to FX, with Hawley serving as creator and showrunner. Alien director Sir Ridley Scott will be serving as an executive producer on the project too."

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As I understand it there's a lot of lore out there with comics etc. Including a whole planet of Xenomorphs.

Not sure if enough people care about Aliens these days though. See what happens.

wicked cool

would be funny if set in the fargo universe (one season did have a close encounter cameo)

this is interesting news-I've heard rumors of a fallout tv series so i'm wondering if FX is looking to compete with that. They could maybe pull off an alien movie in a setting that's remote such as the artic, an island etc or something like the quiet place. I cant see it like a walking dead universe as the aliens are dangerous

Khelon Testudo

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I bounced off Legion's second season, and have never seen Fargo. But the guy has a reputation. Colour me intrigued.

We've got canon from the movies that Xenomorphs have been around since time immemorial, so I can see them doing a modern day setting. I'd prefer proper SF, but unless they splash as much cash as they have on Mando, I can't see them doing that.