All the Different Types of Devils Redux


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This is a follow-up to this thread and attempts to list all the different types of devils (but not unique devils and archdevils).

  • Abishai, Black (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Abishai, Blue (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Abishai, Green (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Abishai, Red (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Abishai, White (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Advespa (Monster Manual II)
  • Amnizu (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Ayperobos Swarm (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Barbazu (Monster Manual v.3.5)
  • Brachina (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Bueroza (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Cornugon (Monster Manual v.3.5)
  • Dogai (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Erinyes (Monster Manual v.3.5)
  • Excruciarch (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Falxugon (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Gelugon (Monster Manual v.3.5)
  • Ghargatula (Book of Vile Darkness)
  • Gulthir (Monster Manual V)
  • Hamatula (Monster Manual v.3.5)
  • Hamatula, Stony Devil (Underdark)
  • Jerul (Dragon #353)
  • Kocrachon (Book of Vile Darkness)
  • Lemure (Monster Manual v.3.5)
  • Logokron (Tome of Magic)
  • Malebranche (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Merregon (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Mezzikim (Guide to Hell)
  • Narzugon (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Nupperibo (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Orthon (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Osyluth (Monster Manual v.3.5)
  • Paeliryon (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Pit Fiend (Monster Manual v.3.5)
  • Remmanon (Monster Manual V)
  • Spinagon (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Xerfilstyx (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Imp (Monster Manual v.3.5)
  • Asperim (Dragon #42)
  • Bloodbag Imp (Fiend Folio)
  • Euphoric Imp (Fiend Folio)
  • Filth Imp (Fiend Folio)
Hellforged Devils
  • Coal Devil (Dragon #306)
  • Glass Devil (Dragon #306)
  • Lead Devil (Dragon #306)
  • Obsidian Devil (Dragon #306)
  • Sand Devil (Dragon #306)
  • Spiked Devil (Dragon #306)
Other Devils
  • Araton (Desert Devil) (Sandstorm)
  • Bezekira (Hellcat) (Monster Manual v.3.5)
  • Guardian Devil (Dangerous Denizens)
  • Kalabon (Fiendish Codex II)
  • Kelp Devil (Return to White Plume Mountain)
  • Kyton (Chain Devil) (Monster Manual v.3.5)
  • Stitched Devil (Monster Manual V)
Miscellaneous devilish things that aren't really devils
  • Devil Dog (1st Edition Fiend Folio)
  • Devil Sail (Sea Nettle) (Wizards of the Coast web site)
  • Devil Spider (Dragon #55)
  • Devil Swine (Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia)
  • Dust Devil (Dragon #45)
  • Fallen One, Devilkin (Diablo II: To Hell and Back)
  • Hoardevil (Wizards of the Coast web site)
  • Ixitxachitl (Devilfish) (Monster Manual II)
  • Little Devils (Dungeon #4)
  • Screaming Devilkin (1st Edition Fiend Folio)
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Kain Darkwind

Misc Hellish Things that aren't really devils

Hellhound (MM 3.5)
Hellfire Wyrm (MMII)
Infernal Conflagaration Ooze (MM3)

Baatezu? (Maybe...check the entry.)
Durzagon (specific half fiend druegar) (MM2)

I'm not going to suggest the half troll barbazu, but I will mention it for the sake of completeness.


Monster Junkie
Misc Hellish Things that aren't really devils

Chain Golem (MM2)
Death Hurler (Dragon 309)
Gathra (FF)
Hellchain Weaver (Dragon 343)
Hellfire Golem (FF)
Maelephant (FF)
Rejkar (MM3)
Stench Kow (1E MM2)
Stygian Aboleth (Lords of Madness)

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