All the Different Types of Hags


Who knew there were so many?

Official Sources:
Annis (Monster Manual)
Bheur (Unapproachable East)
Bog Hag (Oriental Adventures)
Bruja (Monstrous Compendium, Ravenloft Appendix III)
Crone of Chaos (Monstrous Compendium, Mystara Appendix)
Dune Hag (Sandstorm)
Dusk Hag (Eberron Campaign Setting)
Greenhag (MM)
Hagspawn (UE)
Hannya (OA)
Marzanna (Frostburn)
Mountain Hag (Imagine #5, converted in Creature Catalog)
Night Hag (MM)
Sea Hag (MM)
Sea Hag, Greater (The City of Raven's Bluff)
Shrieking Hag (UE)
Silat (MC13, Monstrous Compendium, Al-Qadim Appendix, converted in CC)
Spectral Annis (Monstrous Compendium, Ravenloft Appendix III)
Spectral Greenhag (Monstrous Compendium, Ravenloft Appendix III)
Spectral Sea Hag (monstrous Compium, Ravenloft Appendix III)
Xtabay (Dragon #317)

Non-Official Sources
Alley Hag (Monster Encyclopedia, Volume 1)
Brine Hag (Creature Collection)
Caiileach (Monster Encyclopedia, Volume 2)
Cavern Hag (CC)
Dark Womb (Creature Collection II)
Doomhag (Monster Geographica: Forest)
Dragon Hag (ME2)
Fen Witch (Tome of Horrors)
Frog Hag (ME2)
Gold Hag (Gullveig) (ME2)
Hagling (CC2)
Ice Hag (CC)
Moon Hag (CC)
Pit Hag (Tome of Horrors 3)
Rot Hag (ME1)
Storm Hag (CC)
Swamp Hag (CC)
Tower Hag (ME1)
Tunnel Hag (Dangerous Denizens)
Vampiric Hag (ME2)
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