All the Different Types of Nagas


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Official Sources:

  • Banelar Naga (SK)
  • Bone Naga (MM2)
  • Bone Naga Template (SK)
  • Bright Naga (MH)
  • Brine Naga (WOTC)
  • Dark Naga (MM)
  • Faerûnian Ha-naga (SK)
  • Guardian Naga (MM)
  • Ha-naga (ELH)
  • Iridescent Naga (SK)
  • Spirit Naga (MM)
  • Water Naga (MM)
  • Worm Naga (Dungeon #130)

Shinomen Nagas:

  • Asp (OA)
  • Chameleon (OA)
  • Cobra (OA)
  • Constrictor (OA)
  • Greensnake (OA)

Related Creatures:

  • Nagahydra (SK)
  • Nagatha (MMIV)

Naga Prestige Classes:

  • Naga Overlord(SK)

Pre-3E Offical Sources:

  • Master naga (Supplement IV: Gods, Demigods, Heroes)
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The only other naga I can find in an official source is the Master Naga from Supplement IV: Gods, Demigods, Heroes, p12:

"Naga are of 3 different types: the guardian Naga is a creature found in temples about 20" long and spits poison, bites, or constricts; Water Naga live deep below the surface of lakes and streams and use spells as a Thaumaturgist; the master Naga has 7 cowled heads and can use cleric and wizard spells as a 10th level magic user or cleric. This last snake can regenerate 5 points per melee round and wears all of its treasure in its cowl in the form of giant gems with the older the snake the more valuable the gems."

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