All the Different Types of Trolls


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Official Sources:

Aquatic troll (scrag) (MM)
Black troll (Dragon Magazine #141)
Bloodtroll (Black Rain, WOTC Free Online Adventure)
Cave troll (MM3) .
Crystalline troll (MM3)
Deep sea troll variant (Dragon Magazine #301)
Desert troll (Dungeon #103)
Fell troll (Unapproachable East)
Fire troll (Dragon Magazine #199, Dragon Compendium Vol 1)
Forest troll (Includes variant "muskwart")(MM3)
Giant troll (1E FF)
Graytroll (Dragon Magazine #199)
Greenbound troll (Lost Empires of Faerun)
Half-troll template (FF)
Ice troll (Unapproachable East)
Ice troll variant (Dragon Magazine #301)
Mountain troll (includes variant Halruuan mountain troll)(MM3)
Mur-Zhagul (Unapproachable East)
Phase troll (Dragon Magazine #199)
Pseudonatural troll (pseudotroll)(Epic Level Handbook)
Rock troll (Dragon Magazine #141)
Rock troll (Shannara)(Dragon Magazine #286)
Rock troll variant (Dragon Magazine #301)
Slime troll variant (Dragon Magazine #301)
Spirit troll (1E FF)
Stone troll (Dragon Magazine #199)
Tree troll (Dragon #299)
Troll (MM)
Troll hunter (MM)
Troll mutate (MCA4)
War troll (MM3)
Wasteland troll (Sandstorm)

Related Creatures:
Thoul (OD&D)
Trollhound (Dragon Magazine #199)

Some Kingdoms of Kalamar trolls from Dangerous Denizens: The Monsters of Tellene:
Arctic Troll
Cave Troll
Chaos Troll
Demonic Troll
Elder Troll
Mindreaver Troll
Moss Troll
Ravager Troll
Rot Troll
Sand Troll
Sea Troll
Stench Troll
Storm Troll

From the Warcraft Manual of Monsters:
Dark Troll
Forest Troll
Ice Troll
Jungle Troll

From some miscellaneous 3rd Edition sources:
Mewling Troll (Bestiary of Krynn; Dragonlance)
Dread Troll (Denizens of Dread; Ravenloft)
Rokugan Troll (Creatures of Rokugan; Oriental Adventures)
And some miscellaneous trolls from older sources:
Gargantuan Troll (Mystara Monstrous Compendium Appendix)
Giant Troll (Greyhawk Ruins)
Legacy Troll (Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium Appendix)
Ragnhilder (Dragon #158, p34)
Skovtrolde (minor variation; Dragon #158, p34)
Snow Troll (Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume One/Dungeon #43)
Spectral Troll (Greyhawk Ruins/Monstrous Manual)
Two-Headed Troll (Monstrous Manual/Fiend Folio 1ED)

Gaurak Troll (CC II)
Steppe Troll (CC I)
Ice Troll (ToH)
Swamp Troll (ToH)
Cave Troll (ToH)
Rock Troll (ToH)
Two-Headed Troll (ToH)
Spectral Troll Template (ToH)

Related Creatures:
Troblin (Goblin/Troll) (ToH II)

The Diamond Throne/Arcane Evolved:
- Shadowtroll

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If we're including 3rd party sources, there are a few more in Mongoose's Monster Encyclopedias: Volume 1 has the barrow and bridge trolls; Volume 2 has cinder, mimic, sap, tar, and web trolls.


Steeliest of the dragons
Just a minor nit, but since you note other inclusions from the original (1e) Fiend Folio, that the Ice Troll also originates -or, well, I don't know if it originates, but it is IN the 1e FF.

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