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D&D 5E Alternate Falling Damage


I have just uploaded Alternate Falling Damage to the downloads area.

I wanted to make a falling damage and speed system that was (very) loosely based on falling speed and terminal velocity. This is something that mechanically stops monks and barbarians from being able to fall arbitrarily long distances with little to no damage while still allowing commoners to fall short distances with no damage and Constitution 20 Level 20 fighters at full health to still be able to barely get up from an arbitrarily long fall. The tables are used by lining up the round the creatures are falling or the distance fallen with the size of the creature.

Feedback and ratings are appreciated.

You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.

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Statistically no one survives a 60' fall IRL. So in my home game I put in a rule that falling incurs max damage (so 6hp per 10'). At 30' and beyond you also roll a Dex Saving throw, DC 10 + 5 per every 10' past 30' (so 15 at 40', 20 at 50', 25 at 60', etc), with a failure indicating reduction to 0hp (you then check the indicated damage to see if the character would go to -(max hp) for instant death purposes). A monk Slow Fall allows them to remove hp damage as normal and they get Advantage on the falling save.

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