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Alternative to Discord for video chat & conversation threads/content sharing?


I'm a Gamemaster for my hometeam and separately for a pro game on StartPlaying.games. I've been paying for Discord with multiple Nitro levels--you have to get 7 Boosts in order to get upgraded streaming quality. From 720p to 1080p and the audio quality goes up from 128kbps to 256bps...so double the sound quality at 7 boosts. There are a couple other benefits but sound and video quality are the most important aspects for me.

Problem is...at this level, it's ridiculously expensive. Getting 7 Nitro Boosts ends up costing $312/year and I just got an email it went up and will be close to $350. Straw that broke the camel's back, I need an alternative. Here's what I need it for:

  • Video and audio chat during live games with good quality sound and video (see above)
  • Ability to resize video windows/groups so they don't take up a full screen--with Discord, you can "pop out" the video windows and then size them into a small stack, which is convenient.
  • Text and image chat during game to drop images or videos during the game session.
  • Separate/multiple chat threads that are persistent, don't wipe out after logging out and can be locked to different permissions--so for example, I can have one thread which is for only the members of my hometeam, and a different one only for my paid team and another thread that is a whisper chat for one player. And i can rename threads too, such as "Recap thread" etc
Does anyone have any suggestions of what is more affordable than $350/year but also features these capabilities? Thanks for your advice.

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