Amazon Coupon 25% off any Book: DMG for $22.48


Amazon is currently offering a coupon which gives you 25% off any book. If you haven't ordered your Dungeon Master's Guide yet, or you fancy the look of any of the many other roleplaying books on Amazon, now's a good time to grab them. The coupon ends tomorrow (Sunday, Dec 14th) at midnight PST.

The coupon is BOOKDEAL25 and expires December 14, 2014 at 11:59pm PST. You can use it on a book that is already discounted so you can get the Dungeon Master's Guide for $22.48. More details here.

Here's a link to Amazon's roleplaying games list.


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Thanks for this! My pre-order got messed up, they kept trying to authorize my card for the DMG, PH, and MM, even though they already sent me the first 2, so I ended up canceling. This helps make up for the delay!

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