ZEITGEIST Ambassadors in Book 6

Suddenly it has occurred to me that there is no mention of the Danoran or Risuri ambassadors to Ber. From other instances it looks like there are consulated and embassies so it seems likely that there should be permenant ambassadors to Ber. Lya is sufficiently important that she could be a special ambassador from Danor overriding the local ambassador (particularly as this is really an Ob mission) but I would expect the constables to have some need to coordinate with the permenant diplomatic representative of their nation.
I have not decided what to do about this , but hope to have a idea in the next 6 hours before I start book 6


Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
The fact that Risur is relying on Brakken suggests to me that they either don’t have an Embassy, or that the Bruse has sidelined them; or that the Ambassador is useless.
It's strange Ber has to be one of the top 2 diplomatic postings for Risur maybe after Danor. So there really should be an ambassador, but the complete absence of it in the plot suggests that there is no embassy, if it was not for the presence of Danoran and Beran diplomatic buildings in Flint I may think that the custom had not caught on in this world but a Beran consulate in Flint really suggests formal diplomatic relations with Ber.

I seem to remember that there are two locations for the Beran court and it could be that the embassy is at the other but I'd still expect them to be around.
I think I may go with Harkover not trusting the ambassador to Ber as the embassy is too tied to Risuri commercial industries including Pemberton and of course he does not trust Pemberton at all
Thats what I thought!
Then again I have been prepping this for some time , read through many times and I only thought about it th emorning before I started the plot. We will see if my players think about it, I iwll be making it clear they have a lot of authority for this mission anyway. I Think I will go with the compromised by Pemberton idea


Well, our DM noticed that problem and... had the Ambassador die a couple of weeks before adventure 6 so that we had a reason to do his or her job.
My players have not even considered the lack of mention of an Ambassador despite several references to other ambassadors so no need to trot out an excuse so far
The ambassador of Risur to Ber is actually Duchess Ethelyn of Shale. The player's guide explicitly states that she "acts as Risur’s ambassador to its nearest neighboring nation." Presumably, after the book #1 incident, nobody has stepped up to replace her.
Indeed it does say that and I had missed it. It could mean ambassador to Danor but that does not seem likely so she was the ambassador to Ber, I will see what I can do with that