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Amethyst Untamed!


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Merry Christmas everyone. This is Chris from Dias Ex Machina.
Two years ago, we ran a successful Kickstarter, and we’re still releasing content today.
Today marks the release of not one but TWO new books (I think that brings it to 10) , the Player’s and World Guides for Amethyst Untamed, our long awaited adaptation to Savage Worlds.
Both books are available separately or as a bundle.
Thanks to Christopher Stilson for this contribution.




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The Elf on the cover of Untamed Players Guide looks like she is having a wardrobe malfunction....most of her arms are covered up, but then she is in a tube top and then some leather chaps over a high angle thong.


First Post
Okay, here’s the thing: When we originally designed the 4E cover, we had a techan male on the cover. Since Amethyst Foundations was being produced by a larger publisher, its owner…umm…”asked” us to swap out the character with a shemjaza (demon) female (who are known to dress that way specifically for distraction). After we split, we swapped the characters back, but occasionally, our layout guy uses the original cover.

Personally, I’m not happy with her inclusion, which is why we have a covered female on the other book, and why all internal illustrations also have an appropriate dress code for both genders. There is an anecdote I enjoy sharing that when Nick Greenwood submitted the first Damaskan Custodian with her waist exposed, and I immediately asked him to cover her up. He replied that was not the norm from the usual requests he gets. Despite what our old publisher said, I don’t believe her inclusion on the cover of Foundations actually helped sales.

As for the specifics of what she’s wearing and if it could be functional…I dunno…magic?

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