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D&D General An Apology


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Hello, neighbors.

So, having been confronted with the notion that I have been a bit of an a-hole lately, I have it some thought, and yeah...fair.

I don’t think I can ever be someone who is especially polite to someone who is being disrespectful while technically staying within the rules, or engaging in other toxic behavior toward me, but I will work to be kinder and more patient in other disagreements, and I will try to just report and ignore when someone is out of line in their behavior towards myself.

To anyone I have been unfairly harsh toward, in the last several months especially, I am very sorry.

And thank you, @Umbran , for confronting me with this.

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Heh... yeah, I had noticed over the last bunch of months that you had started going straight off the pier right off the bat in certain threads, rather than slowing building up to it when people tended to ignore or deliberately misconstrue what you were trying to get across. My impression of that has mainly come out of a lot of the more social politics threads that have come up recently where the arguments back-and-forth have persisted much, much longer than they had any need to (since it usually becomes pretty clear pretty quickly when we get stuck on a treadmill with someone who is never going to agree with us on one of these issues.) So I wonder if that repeated banging your head against a wall got pulled into your other threads as well, where the perspective of timing had been lost?

In any event... being able to spend at least a half-dozen posts discussing various D&D-isms politely before going HAM on the person is usually the best way to go, so if you can follow through on this, I applaud you. Best of luck keeping it civil. I know I have a devil of a time doing it myself sometimes. :)

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