An good ECL 0 cat races

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I don't know of any, but they should be pretty easy to make.

Dexterity would be the obvious stat to give a +2 bonus to, though the stat to penalize is pretty hard to decide.
Skill plusses could be given to any three of tumble, jump, climb, spot, listen.
Less damage taken from falling (first 10 feet doesn't deal damage, stacks with all other stuff like this)
A couple more traits, some flavor for your campaign world, and you have a Cat People race!


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Las: Vision. And substitution. M:) Never mind.

You could have a look at the Saar in Old Ones Storyhour. Though I would not make them ECL 0 I think ... but they ARE a feline race with ECL 0.

Best thing: Grab some ideas and write something together, we'll tear it to pieces, promised :)


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Re: Mythic Races

Darklone said:
Nearly forgot ... Mythic Races got several cat races... some of them ECL 0. Check that book.
I would check them out as well, MR has some good cat races.


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This is a race that I typed up last year some time, If you're interested I also have a PrClass for them as well:D

The Tigrana are a people well know through out the world for their graceful movements and their playful carefree nature. Their innate acrobatic skill and musical ability make them a sight to see.

Tigrans are a playful and light hearted people. They always welcome new comers to join in their fun. They enjoy messing around, being lazy, and playing games, but their passion is for music and forestry. Most Tigran children learn to play the lute or pipe flute by age 5 or 6. They also love to climb trees and walk in the woods, tranquil in the day and play at night. Don’t be deceived however, Tigrans are one of the most feared races when angered. The Tigrana have a saying, “ He who wakes the tiger must be ready to play with him.”

Physical Description
Tigrans tend to be tall and light on their feet. The average tigrana male stands from 6 to 6 1/2 feet tall; females on the other hand, are much smaller, only 5 to 5 1/2 feet tall. The Tigran male weighs about as much as an average human male, about 150 to 175lbs, where females are closer in weight to elven women, only weighing about 90 to 105lbs. Their skin tone can vary from almost an orange to a dark brown, or a pail white to a deep black. Their bodies are banded with stripes, their color can be from light tan to brown or black, and are usually darker than the main skin color. Black Tigrans, however, tend to have light brown stripes. Their hair is usually the same color as their stripes. Eye color can be from brown to gold or black.
Tigrans are also a very unique race in the fact that they have a tail. It’s usually covered in fur and is very feline in nature. It’s length is about 1/2 the characters height.
Tigrans are mature by age 18 and can live up to 80 years.

Tigrans get along best with halflings and elves. They enjoy the company of humans and gnomes because of their uniqueness in comparison to tigrans. Most mixed races are treated as a novelty and treated as a point of interest of the day. Tigrans tend not to get along well with dwarves because of their stoic and unmoving nature. Tigrans dispose goblinoids and evil humanoid of all kind, and will only grudgingly interact with then, although suspiciously.

Tigrans at heart are good and always are helpful when necessary. The also lean towards chaotic because of their flighty and light hearted nature. Their is, however, the occasional evil tigran, who are to be feared and avoided.

Tigran Lands
Tigrana society usually lives in temperate to warm forests in communities from 50 to 100 tigrana.
Tigrans in human lands tend to be performers or adventurers out to explore the world.

The tigrana society is very unique. Most tigrans are treated well as children, but by age 13 are expelled from the parents house to live on their own. Most juveniles live in single sex groups of 2 to 5 tigrans from 13 to 18, called clans. By age 18 a tigran male begins to look for a mate who he will keep for life. The society is ruled by elders and hold great respect in the community. One becomes an elder by age 65.

Tigrans are not a terribly religious people but on occasion they do worship Ehlonna, goddess of the wood.

Most tigrans speak at least tigran and common. A more learned individual tends to speak elven, gnomish, and silvan as well, some also speak goblin. For writing they use the elven alphabet or a set of hieroglyphics.

Most tigrans have 4 names. Their fist and least used, is the one given to all tigrana children born in a certain year. The second is their childhood name given by their parents. The Third is the name given by his or her juvenile clan. The final is the name given to ones self once reaching adulthood.

Birth Name
Determine your character age first then ask your DM for the appropriate name.
I haven't desided on names yet
Child Name

Clan Name


A tigran adventurer tends to be looking for fun, for something interesting to do. To explore the world and learn about it. Or may be looking for a “clan” to call his or her own.

Tigrana Racial Traits
+2 Dex +2 Cha, -2 Wis. -2 Con; Their feline nature gives them greater flexibility and can be quite charming at times
+2 move silently, +2 jump, +2 spot, +2 listen, +2 climb(claws), +2 tumble; they naturally are agile, quiet and perceptive
Low-light vision; their feline nature allows them to see well at night
+2 perform; most tigrans begin training in the arts at a very young age
size Medium, speed 30ft per round
have the elven abilities to spot hidden doors
Automatic languages Tigran and common; Bonus elvin, gnomish, silvan, goblin, orc,
unarmed attacks do 1d4 rake damage; tigran claws give them a greater unarmed damage then most races, if a monk they get a +1 to all unarmed damage and do regual instead of subdural damage

Favored class: Bard; their natural inclination to silent movement and their performance and Charisma bonuses make for a great bard.

Skin Variance
Skin color- Light Orange--------------------Dark Brown
Stripe color- Light Brown-----------------------------------Black
Skin color - White----------Grey----------Black
Stripe color- Light Tan-------------Black----------------Light Brown

Random starting age
Fighter Bard
Rogue Paladin Druid
Barbarian Monk Cleric
Base Sorcerer Ranger Wizard
13 +1d4 +1d6 +2d6

Random Height/Weight
Height Weight
Male 5’4” +2d10 120lbs x(2d4)lbs.
Female 4’9” +2d6 85lbs x(1d6)lbs.


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About the Tigrana; as animals in general and specifically cats are noted for their keen senses, I don't think a penalty to Wisdom is appropriate.

I must second that recomendation for the cat races from Mythic Races. Most of them are well-balanced and well thought-out enough to fit easliy into any campaign.


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Looks very much like the Saar of the Old One. But I agree with that Wis penalty... use Int. The attributes you said fit more for an Int penalty...

But there are similar ones as mentioned in the MR book :)


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Re: Tigranas

Darklone said:
Looks very much like the Saar of the Old One. But I agree with that Wis penalty... use Int. The attributes you said fit more for an Int penalty...

But there are similar ones as mentioned in the MR book :)
I would agree with int rather than wis

Old One

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Saar from Faded Glory Campaign

Here is the Saar a felinoid race from my homebrewed Faded Glory metioned by Darklone above, commentary/critiques are welcome...


Saar Racial Traits
  • + 2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence: Saar are quite nimble, but not as hardy as other races. In addition, they are not quite as intelligent as some, but often have very strong personalities.
  • Medium-size: As Medium-sized creatures, Saar have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Saar base sped is 30 feet.
  • Lowlight Vision: Saar can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
  • + 2 racial bonus to Listen checks: Saar have keen hearing and often pick up sounds that others miss.
  • +2 racial bonus to Balance, Tumbling and Escape Artist Checks: Saar are sure-footed and flexible.
  • May take Scent as a feat at 1st level: Many Saar have keen senses of smell, so Scent (see DMG) is available as a feat, but it must be taken at 1st level.
  • Illiterate: Saar cannot read or write at 1st level. Saar have a strong oral tradition, but no written language. Saar may spend 2 skill points anytime after 1st level to become literate in Tradespeak or another written language.
  • Favored Class: Bard or Sorcerer. A Multiclass Saar’s bard or sorcerer class does not count when determining whether it suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing (see PHB page 56).

Game Information

Background: Saar are feline humanoids that typically live in small, nomadic bands that constantly travel from place to place in brightly colored wagons. Many bands are actually troupes of touring players, traveling from town to town and entertaining folk for a living. They are equally at home in urban or rural settings, but rarely stay in one place for more than a few seasons. No one is quite sure where the Saar originated, although their strong oral storytelling tradition speaks of a “Great Father” that gave life to the Saar (some sages speculate that the Saar where created by a powerful wizard from his feline familiar in ages past, but no one knows for sure).

Appearance: Saar are tall, usually half a foot taller than humans, and slender. Saar have muted feline features and are covered by a fine layer of soft fur. Their appearance varies widely, with all of the markings of common house cats and large hunting cats in evidence. Saar tend towards bright colored clothing and are fond of jewelry. Most Saar that use weapons prefer edged weapons to blunt, and all Saar carry at least a trusty dagger. Saar sorcerers almost always summon a cat to be their familiar (although they are not required to do so).

Relations: Saar get along well with most other races, although the do poke fun at Khazardyn, whom they feel lack the proper sense of humor. They do have a special affinity for halflings and a Saar troupe will often accompany a halfling trading caravan on its journey. Saar have a special enmity for Gnolls and the antipathy is returned many fold by the Gnolls, who have destroyed many Saar troupes. A Saar ranger must choose Gnolls as their 1st Favored Enemy.

Religion: In general, Saar are not very “religious”, although most revere the “Great Father”, whom the Hierarchy of the Church of Light rule is an aspect of Osirian, so the Saar are accepted into the Church of Light. Saar druids and rangers often revere the Great Earth Mother. Saar may also revere an aspect of one of the Archangels or a greater angel. They shun the followers of the Cult of Shadow and will generally leave an area that the Cult is active in.

Language: Saar speak their own language and most know Tradespeak as well. The Saar do not have a written language, instead relying on a rich tradition of oral storytelling. Literacy is not widespread among the Saar, as they have little use for it. Saar often pick up numerous other spoken languages in their travels.

Adventurers: Saar adventure for a myriad of reasons. Their troupe could have been wiped out by a Gnoll attack, they may have tired of the nomadic life typical of Saar or they might just be strange! With their high charisma, Saar are often the spokesperson for their adventuring band. Saar do tend to get bored with inactivity, so they are constantly pushing to “get back out there”, although they sometimes have trouble staying focused in a specific goal and can get side tracked easily.
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the Saar

:confused::eek: WOW!! that's weird I've never seen that race before but the simalerites are uncanny. On the point of wis vs. int, the reason I chose wisdum is because tigrans still have hightened scences, +2 to listen spot and search, but they are just unattentive, intelligence is your ability to reason and learn, wisdum is comon sence and perceptiveness, they can see things they just tend to be to buissy with their new toy to pay any attention. but I will take that in to consideration


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The reason you see similarities is probably that you two both have the same basic idea of what a cat race should be.
Cool races, everyone... I'm tempted to use one for my next character :D.


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If I were to construct a new campaign world with none of the core classes (except for human), I'd just change the Elves to a cat race.

Just my two cents.


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Elves = cat race

Hey right... Never thought about that one.

But then ... the cat race and dog race I used for quite some time were kinda different ... ka'taa were small like halflings. But heck, they WERE nimble.

I did it kinda this ...

Small sized humanoids, -2 str, +4 dex, -2 int
low light vision, spot+2, listen+2... natural armour +1, scent allowed... -2 penalty on weapons cause of their clawhands. +2 move silently, +4 climb. No medium or higher armour proficiency at the beginning, no matter which class...
Natural weapons: 1d4 normal damage, improved unarmed strike and flurry of blows as virtual feat if light armoured.
Ranged weapons: hard to use. Crossbows sometimes. but those too at -2 to hit.
Favored class: rogue.

Sorry for the bad writing. Ka'taa were usually merchants or thieves in my campaigns. Usually both :)

What do you think about them ? Sorry for highjacking the thread though :)

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