Level Up (A5E) An Updated Reincarnation Table


Because of Reasons, I felt like updating the table under reincarnate to include the races put out both by the Level Up team and by 3pps. So... here goes. I didn't include any undead or construct races in this table I feel like you wouldn't reincarnate as one of those. Or at least not just randomly.

This table also lacks the weird Dwarf bias the AG's table has. Sorry, dwarf-lovers!

Table 1: Reincarnation list.
1-2Centaur [Handbook of Heritages]
3-5Colossus [Handbook of Heritages] or Half-Giant [Manual of Adventurous Resources #1]
6-8Doppelganger [Dungeon Delver’s Guide] or Mimicker [Handbook of Heritages]
24-25Frogfolk [Manual of Adventurous Resources #1]
26-28Galeoni [Gate Pass Gazette #9]
29-31Garoul [Gate Pass Gazette #8]
32-33Gnoll [Adventures in Zeitgeist]
39-41Goblin [Handbook of Heritages, Adventures in Zeitgeist, or Manual of Adventurous Resources #1]
52-53Kobold [Handbook of Heritages or Adventures in Zeitgeist]
54-55Lizardfolk [Adventures in Zeitgeist]
56-58Maurashu [Handbook of Heritages] or Tabaxi [Manual of Adventurous Resources #2]
59-60Minotaur [Adventures in Zeitgeist]
61-63Motley [Dungeon Delver’s Guide]
64-66Mycelial [Dungeon Delver’s Guide]
67-69Oozefolk [Dungeon Delver’s Guide]
75-79Otherworlder. Roll on Table 2.
80-82Pode [Gate Pass Gazette #9]
83-85Ratling [Dungeon Delver’s Guide]
86-88Simirengo [Gate Pass Gazette #5]
89-91Spiderfolk [Gate Pass Gazette #3]
92-93Spriggan [Manual of Adventurous Resources #1]
94-95Therolian [Handbook of Heritages]
96-100Mixed Heritage. Reroll twice, ignoring rolls of 96-100

Table 2: Otherworlder Table (d12)
1Deva [Adventures in Zeitgeist]
2-3Dreamborn [Gate Pass Gazette #4]
4Elan [Slice of Psionics]
5Jenn [Handbook of Heritages]
9Rockborn [Dungeon Delver’s Guide]
10Star-Rover [Handbook of Heritages]
11-12Mixed Heritage. Reroll twice here, ignoring results of 11-12, or once on this table and once on Table 1.

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