D&D 5E Anathemir (a Binder) Bringing Build-up Mechanics and Monster Binding/Controlling Into 5e


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Changed Mark of Anathema to d6 damage, and the remnant mechanic is now you get 1 remnant and can only have 1 at a time, so you should go ahead and use it, to either compel or bind.

Compell is a large area effect that makes all anathema that can see or hear you gain disadvantage on attacks against creatures other than you, and also on saving throws against you. So they are going to want to eat you, but are also susceptible to you. They can save each turn.

Bind is a single target save vs slowed and denied reactions, and if they fail a save (each turn) they become dazed, and if they fail another save before the effect ends they are stunned.

You get other uses at level 5.

Invoke let’s you basically wildshape into a monster for a short time

Break let’s you try to break concentration or break a magical link between two creatures

Banish lets you send an anathema under a certain CR into The River, saving each turn, and staying there if it stays banished for 1 minute. Basically a limited banishment spell. The River is a place in the spirit world where the dead go, and at level 5 all creatures that you banish whose native plane is the mortal world instead treat The River as their native plane.

Remnant Crystal lets you make a crystal that can hold a spell that you’ve ritually prepared so that you can cast it normally later.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll have time to work more on this.

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