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Anauroch - Empire of Shade maps/art


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I'm planning to start Anauroch - Empire of Shade with my gaming group in a few weeks, so I started looking for the maps or art gallery, to print out. Shadowdale had some very clear maps (several at A2 format even), which are still in the Wizards archives, but all references to the maps or art of Anauroch lead to dead links and the D&D homepage. It's also removed from the Art/Map gallery index.

So, two questions;
1) Does anyone know why this is? Links leading to it suggest it was there at some point, but got removed.
2) Is there a place on the internet where the maps and art can still be found? Photocopying everything seems like quite a chore, and even copy/pasting from a PDF is a lot of work, not to mention a dramatic loss of quality. (EDIT: I googled for a bit, leading to a few tiny pictures of poor quality, so not much luck there)

Thank you in advance,
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Got my maps form the PDFs and the quality is good enough to print. I have the Anauroch 2nd Edition maps printed out and they really look good.


Hate to necromancy nearly a decade later, but I found them. I'm running the Shar modules and needed the maps for my VTT so I did a lot of digging and I eventually found them in the Wizards 4E archives.


Can't believe I forgot the link: Anauroch:The Empire of Shade Map Gallery
Edit with some context: This was some of the last 3.5E content produced, as far as I am aware. The maps were released very late in the game's life cycle, and were buried near the bottom of the revamped D&D page launched after the update to the new front end (and archival of 3.5 content).
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