Kickstarter Anime 5E Beyonder Worlds – Realms Beyond Fantasy coming to Kickstarter in July



Anime 5E Beyonder Worlds: Realms Beyond Fantasy​


Crowdfunding for three expansions launching July 16th​

In just one month, three new expansions for the Anime 5E RPG are coming to Kickstarter! It's time to level-up your anime RPG campaigns beyond a traditional fantasy setting and travel across the galaxy with Anime 5E Beyonder Worlds!

Whether you’re fully embracing alternate game genres or integrating multiple settings with a traditional Fifth Edition fantasy world, Anime 5E Beyonder Worlds is your key to unlocking the vast, unlimited potential of the Anime 5E role-playing game. This expansion delves into the settings and conventions of five intriguing anime gaming genres: science fiction, mecha action, urban fantasy, gritty cyberpunk, and modern Earth.

There’s also a wealth of game material for players and DMs that you can drop into any anime campaign, whether it's set in an SF galactic campaign, Anime 5E's official Folstavia: The Infinite Crossroads setting, a traditional Fifth Edition fantasy world, or any other game landscape:
  • 20+ enhanced Attributes and Defects to greatly expand character creation options -– such as Alternate Form, Force Shield, Merge, Telekenesis, and Transmute
  • 7 new player character Species – such as the telepathic Astrans, holy Celestines, augmented Technoids, and mystical Tuatha
  • 10 new player character Classes – such as the charismatic Mecha Knights, teamwork-focussed Sentai Rangers, and mysterious Technomancers
  • 16 creatures and sentient threats from across the Challenge Rating spectrum
  • Dozens of wondrous items, technological devices, and massive space vehicles
  • And so much more!

Accompanying Beyonder Worlds are the second expansions of our monster lines for your Anime 5E games: Monstrum Libri Volume 2 and Creature Cards Volume 2. This hardcover book and card deck expansion details creatures and other oddities from across the Challenge Rating spectrum that are primarily encountered in aquatic (oceans, rivers, lakes, swamps, island coasts, etc.) and desertic (badlands, sand dunes, rocky plains, savannahs, salt flats, etc.) habitats.

Visit the preview page and click "Notify me on Launch" to be contacted immediately when the campaign opens to pledges on July 16th. Keep an eye on our socials for additional sneak peaks in the coming weeks, too.

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