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WotBS Antagonistic Clan Mellorn

If you like the text, here's an image/handout version...
My party finally got to this part of the adventure last night. It went really well! They had already killed the Feaster in the lift, but forgot to actually explore the lift (instead they beelined to a long rest), so they didn't immediately make the connection with the letters. I'd had them find a note on a wizard's skeleton that had the first couple letters and showed that they were trying to figure out some sort of code before they died. They got really excited when they put the two together. When they went back and explored the lift they decided to send the rogue up the shaft using his Cape of Arachnida to check things out. He got stopped at first by the Hold Person and came back down. They cast Freedom of Movement on him and again started up the shaft. When, he made it to the third level he got struck by the fireball and the two Fire Elementals dropped down on the party.

I'm not sure if this is how the lift was actually supposed to work, but I figured there likely wasn't a ceiling because the characters could see the wall of force at the top and figured that the traps would still activate if players tried to ascend without the lift.

Overall, the note went great and I'm very excited for next session when the party takes the lift. I'm a little worried about them heading up without resting first and am trying to figure out how to hint at the difficulty without too much metagaming.

They also fought the devils in the chapel last session. One of the party members is a Conjuration wizard that summons demons. His sister was taken by a demon and corrupted by a group of demons and devils and turned evil in order to gain power. His goal is to free her from the corruption. So, I had the Chain Devil recognize him and taunt him while taking on his sister's face which made the encounter extra exciting.

We're all having a blast with this campaign and have played weekly since January only missing one session. So, I just want to say thank you RangerWickett. I'm excited to get to the rest of the adventure!

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We had a group of six, now five. If three can make it the show goes on. People are busy, so everyone misses a few sessions, but the only week we've missed was because I was driving across the country. We also just have a great group and everyone will try their best to make every session.

Bill T.

I feel sorry for not paying more attention to the boards (or sharing my own group's adventures). I replaced the gearshift in the lift with a contrabassoon. Disabling each level's trap required playing the right note ("You do have Perform(wind instruments), don't you?" :LOL:). I figured that, given the Song of Forms, that music is a source of Power in the world. Makes me hate bards a little bit less. :) Really pretty easy to do, you just have to replace the H with F# or something.
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