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Anthromorphic PC Races


Honest admission time: I'm too lazy and/or un-inclined internet surfer to find any links to said topic. Had a dream the other night I was a fox-like thief getting by in the the slums of a medieval-esque setting--needless to say I woke up wanting more...Any suggestions??

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Possibly a Idiot.
A list of animalesque races for D&D 5e?

Dragonborn (Dragon)

Elemental Evil Players Companion:
Aarakocra (Winged Birds)

Volo's Guide to Monsters:
Kenku (wingless short raven)
Kobold (short dog-dragon thingies)
Tabaxi (cats)
Yuan-ti Pureblood (snake!)

Tortle Package (counts as part of XGtE):
Tortle (turtles)

One Grung Above (not technically official, but still WotC material):
Grung (poison dart frogs)

As for foxes, you will have to ask your DM about that.
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A quick homebrew.

Foxies: Playful and curious, they like to sneak into all sorts of places. They are generally chaotic good, stealing whatever they can find, but also sharing it with those in need.

Size: Small
+2 Dex, +1 Wis
Keen Nose: You gain perception as a skill.
Magnetic Sense: You can feel the magnetic field of the earth and always know which way north is. This gives you advantage on checks to not be lost, or to find your way. This sense is blocked if there is too much metal around you, such as if you are wearing metal armor or a helmet.
Slippery: Your body is rather flexible. You have advantage to escape grapples and physical restraints. In addition, you can squeeze though openings half your size, and don and doff armour as an action.
Claws: Your unarmed attacks deal 1d4 slashing.
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