Any good source for non-western character art?


I have just finished working on a (very cultured) barbarian from an India-based continent and have been struggling to find a decent portrait. Everything tends to be more western-style clothing. Does anyone know a good place to look for alternatives?

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Elder Thing
Creative Commons and the Metropolitan Museum in New York. There is a ton of art in the public domain that you can use.

I'm assuming you already looked through the Creator Resources art on

I'm not sure exactly what you're after, but those are all good places to look.


You gave us 3 elements: Cultured, Barbarian and India-based continent. Give us more. Weapons, armor, background, backstory, physical features, etc...


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He is an aasimar (only distinguishing feature is weird color eyes that glow when he uses the consumptive radiance as does everything else) former guard using a dadao (eventually Brotherhood from the Final Fantasy series) who serves either the Raja of River's Rapture or the Shah of Sanguine Seas (an archfey). He is always grinning and goes with the flow even in terrible situations and will often throw himself at everything with an overbearing amount of zest and joy.

Depending on which build I end up picking he either uses no armor or half plate. Not openly against the gods in his heavily religious society but prefers more here-and-now powers.

He is also set up a bit as an info dump who has access to knowledge gifted to him at times from his lord, but not exactly something he call on or knows himself.

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