WOIN Anything NEW for WOIN in 2022?


Sorry but I couldn't resist the pun when making the question...
Anyway... I'd like to know if there are plans to further support this awesome system with new "core" material of any kind (not EONS, I've been an EONS supporter ever since, and love the material there, but I mean something larger and more organic like a book). I remember reading about a monsters book, which would be cool, but maybe something else too would be nice.

Also, regarding EONS: there's a full conversion of the first adventure of the Zegtgeist adventure path to WOIN, but it came out quite a while ago and nothing else afterwards. Has it been discontinued, or will it proceed (and in that case, what's the target output frequency)?

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Just a tourist passing your way...
I don't know how far the bestiary grew;
I'd like to contribute some of my creations if you want.
I'm going to do it anyway but if you still collect entries / ideas I'd do it sooner than planned.

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