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Aquatic Campaigns


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It occurs to me that certain undead- those that are resistant to piercing damage- would be more challenging to PCs in an underwater setting, given that the physics of the region would favor piercing weapons above all others.


Oh come on, what kind of undead would be lurking around on the bottom of the sea? I mean it's not like there are any great tragedies in which whole loads of people die horribly all at once and disappear from the known world forever taking the mystery of their deaths with them. Nah! No good premises for undead at the bottom of the sea.


Kahuna Burger said:
when I was considering an aquatic campaign, I went with the idea that undersea "writing" would be more three dimensional to begin with - different shapes and substances beaded in strings for instance. So a spellbook would be a bunch of strings you ran your fingers over to study, while a scroll would be activated by snapping the "thread" and running all the beads out through your fingers.
Okay, now that is seriously interesting. Didn't some Native American (South American, I think) people have a form of "writing" composed of knots tied in string? I could completely believe a bead-based code. And it would have the added bonus of being readable by touch, which could come in handy in the lightless depths.
Just make sure your players are as enthusiastic as you are. What can seem like a great and interesting idea might not be some players' cup of tea. Especially if it's an entire campaign based on one specific environment (i.e., aquatic).


Good to see that you are still at it, Aeo.

I was thinking that any undersea campaign really needs a rift so deep that the pressure is too high to survive without magical assistance of some kind (which would of course be a 3rd level spell, like water breathing and fly).

Also, perhaps you should have a powerful sorceress or archmage that specializes in acid-based transmutations, hehehe... Who needs " fireball " when you have " deadly concentration " ?


Wight whales not technically possible

Seems like a shame to waste such a pun, but the wight template in Savage Species is humanoids only. Of course, the DM might still have ideas, customising it.

I kinda like Grassy Gnolls from Munchkin.


hamishspence said:
I kinda like Grassy Gnolls from Munchkin.
And what do you call a gathering of lacedon? Why, a flock of sea ghouls, of course! ;)

Now that the holidays are over, I thought I'd jumpstart this thread.


I know I'm late to the party and all, but as far as potions underwater goes, I'd be inclined to switch liquid potions for pills/gelcaps.
Then again, come to think of it, it's kind of odd that there are no arcane pills floating around D&D...


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Or at least Alchemical powders...not that those would be effective underwater...I'm just saying.

Given what is known about cone snails and the various medusans, I could see intelligent creatures creating barbed harpoons that have poison bladders attached to them, so that when there is a successful strike, the poison automatically injects itself.

I'd expect "biotech" to be more common.

I'd expect underwater denizens to use more 3 dimensional fighting tactics.