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Arabesu's Eyes of the Lich Queen - IC


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As your forge your way through the hot jungle toward your objective, the overgrown path that you have been following widens and is revealed to be a well worn path.

Faris, now in the middle of the convoy, had given up upon flying overhead in avian form after losing track of the convoy under the dense canopy. In predator form she paced circles around Trent who also occupied a place at the second rank of the convoy. Having difficulty forging his way through the dense jungle, Hightower was near the rear of the convoy, perpetually snagging his mammoth chain on the bushes and trees that were proving to be a nuisance to fast progress due to his immense bulk. Fenwick had elected to hang back and keep the goliath company, if for no other reason than to be nearest to the one who could shield him from contact with the wild beasts of the forest. Rosapila had taken the lead, deftly ducking under cyclopean fronds and around titanic tree trunks thanks to her small size and agile moves. Knowing that they were getting close, she keenly searched the forest floor for pits, snares, and other traps lain there by the guardians of their objective. Raising one hand she silently called for a halt; something was not right...

OOC Initial spot and listen outside of combat are assumed to take 10.

Role initiative, spot, listen, and for Rosapila a search check.
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Jack of Tales

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Faris-Shapeshift Druid-Jack of Tales

Faris pads around the group as a black panther, wishing she could go bounding through the jungle but knowing it was a bad idea. She has always been easily distracted and now is no different as she sniffs at the nearby tracks of a small mouse and watches the flight of a butterfly.

Initiative = 19
Listen and Spot: 18/4


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Already feeling nervous as the forest appeared to close in around him, Fenwick pulls his cloak tighter and attempts to hide behind the massive bulk of his goliath companion. Realizing Rosa's signal he attempts to figure out what she sees, but being towards the back of the convoy he struggles to make anything out.

Initiative (1d20+7=9)
Spot (1d20+3=6)
Listen (1d20+5=9)

P.S. not sure if Hoppy gets to roll, but they're below. I screwed up though and rolled 4x, I'll take the first two (happen to be the lowest also)
Hoppy's Spot/Listen (1d20+5=6, 1d20+5=16, 1d20+5=17, 1d20+5=18)
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Hightower, Goliath Barb2 Fighter2, 37HP, AC 28, touch 15 (uncanny dodge)

Hightower stops at the signal. Crouching lower as he drops into his defensive stance (Com Ex +4ac =AC 28). His craggy features furrowing as he takes stock of the surroundings. He whispers "Truedeath" in the language of his people, and Arcanas vanishes from his chest and appears in his free hand without a movement on the goliath's part.

Initiative: (1d20+2=14)
Listen: (1d20+5=23)
Spot: (1d20+5=22)

Fangor the Fierce

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Rosapila is stalking along the edge of the clearing, looking inward at the gigantic footprints of the creatures that have beaten down this path. She is musing that the manner in which these footprints end in a clearing suggests that this clearing and path are the terminus of a regular patrol area. She has just enough time to raise her hand to signal the halt, when a rattlesnake, bigger than she is, lunges out into the path. She is just a bit quicker than it is, thanks to being just inside of Trent's Draconic aura. Rustling noises from 5 to 10 paces off the path in various directions around the clearing are heard by everyone except Fenwick who is distracted by the very loud clanking of Hightower's armor and tower shield. This rustling suggests that other entities are near although they don't SEEM to have taken any direct action. Yet.

Your group is fairly spread out; I hadn't planned on mapping since this one should go quickly: Rosapila 20 ahead of Trent & Faris who are 20 ahead of Hightower and Fenwick.

Surprise Round:

The others init 15 (they apparently are taking actions out of sight, so Rosa is up...)
Rosapila init 11
Rattlesnake (adjacent to her, and aggressively threatening her, no longer hidden) init 10

Regular Round:

Faris init 19
Hightower init 16
The others (still out of sight until they go...) init 15
Trent init 14
Rosapila init 11
Fenwick init 11
Rattlesnake init 10

At the end of your turns, roll new spots.... :]
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"It's not alone!" yells Rosa, her hands already flashing in the familiar pattern of Blinding Color Surge. Her body ripples, and color drains from her form, flowing into the snake as she disappears. (Will DC 18 or be blinded for one round.) Once invisible, she takes a quick step to the side.

OOC: Rosa is now invisible regardless of whether or not the blindness took effect, so a Spot or Listen check is presumably required for the snake to determine where she is.

spot 2.0 (1d20+9=18)
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Hightower, Goliath Barb2 Fighter2, 37HP, AC 24, touch 15 (uncanny dodge)

Hightower moves at best speed toward the front of the party (run if possible) while slinging his shield to his back, leaving his other hand free to properly wield the chain.
[sblock=OOC]does my spot let me see any enemies while I move up?[/sblock]
Spot (1d20+7=20)
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The snake bites at the spot where it expected Rosa to be standing, but only gets a mouthful of grass for its trouble. It is difficult to tell if it was blinded or not, but either way it seems unexpectedly unable to find you with its scent abilty and rattles its tail in frustration.

Hightower rumbles out of the forest, a juggernaut of steel plates and umbral chain links, sliding to a stop a few paces behind Rosa out in the clearing.

OOC: Vertexx69, I assume you are still using expertise for 4 since shield is slung but AC is at 24. Hightower began in the thick of the forest, slowing movement to half speed over the first full move of 10 feet. Springing out into the clearing you get up to full speed of 20 putting you 10 feet behind Rosa but because of your enhanced reach you threaten the serpent on her far side. I anticipate that this poor beast is destined to be a new belt for someone very soon. There is a 5ish foot gap to right where the forest meats the clearing and about fifteen feet to the far side of the clearing and to the left. For the moment, you feel in complete control of the clearing; anything out in the open is dead meat.

[sblock=for Vertexx69]Under the current circumstances, your previously very good spot of 24, adjusted for aura, did not yet see the "others." Obviously for the moment they are very well hidden. You don't know this yet, so can't act upon it, but your newer roll of 20 should let you see them the next time your turn comes around even though it is a lower number than what you got before.[/sblock]

Faris and Trent are just in the clearing about 10 feet from the forest edge.

Faris is next, Hightower has already gone, "The others" will follow.
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