Arcane Power Release Date?

It was my understanding that the release date for Arcane Power was the 21st. However, the editorial calendar has the release date listed as the 14th. Anyone (WotC staffers, store owners, etc) know which is the actual date?


(While i have no "source info") my guess is that the editorial calendar is wrong.
* D&D books seem to always be released on the third Tuesday of every month (though, i don't watch it closely, i believe that is the "system")
* Amazon still says 4/21 (although , admittedly, amazon is not a great authority on such matters)
* The 'slot' it has on the calendar just happens to be the exact same space from the march calendar (i.e. first space, third row)... so (and it's happened before) i think it was left on the same space in the calendar not realizing it was supposed to shift down a week.

that's all weak evidence. but it's all evidence none the less in favor of saying that the site calendar is not correct right now.