Are D&Di only features available for characters?


In the case that my current character dies or levels, I will get to create a new character. In thinking about this, I was looking through the new material on D&Di and realized that hey have (this month) released the Assassin class, which will NEVER (at least according to WOTC) be printed into any of their published books.

Because of this, this means that those who do not have a D&Di account will not have access to this class. Will LEB be allowing people to create Assassins 1 month after the full issue of this months Dragon Magazine comes out?
I honestly don't see why not. I know not everyone has access to DDI, but not everyone has easy access to the PHB2, or the Powers books, or the Minis powers. It's not quite the same, but in my mind it's close enough.


I hope so, I've got this awesome Human Vampire Garrote wielding Assassin build going! I'm really hoping to drop it in as my second character here in LEB, but if the approvals don't work out in my favor, I'll try it in L4W. If the approvals go just as bad over there, well... There is always the playing the game area... :(

super excited about it though, finding it stretched pretty thin on ability scores, but otherwise doable!


I don't see a problem with it. Of course, I do subscribe to DDI. ;)

Playtest content is different, though. Was the assassin released as a playtest version? Even if not, it's not complete - heroic tier powers only, not every build option, correct? I think it'd still probably be okay, but we should be careful about incomplete content.


it's complete, including paragon, and epic, as of the end of this month.

it also is not playtest, it's exclusive, like the revenant.
Y'know I was just thinking about posting something exactly like this. I also agree that once said mag is legal to be proposed, their shouldn't be anything stopping it from being included.


Agreed. I used to be against DDI only content as there is a lot of technical issues that have arisen relating to WOTC and have made it unavailable for some PCs, which is more of an issue than the books have (most ppl can order from Amazon or go to Borders).

That being said, those who do have access to it shouldn't be restricted (just like we can't bar PHB2 PC's because some ppl don't own that book).