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D&D General Are foil MTG cards less durable than standard ones (looking to preorder the D&D cartoon set)?

They have a preorder up to get a set of Magic the Gathering cards that feature some of the characters from the D&D cartoon. You can nab either the foil or the non-foil cards (of both if you're Scrooge McDuck swimming in piles of gold). I'm not a Magic the Gathering player. I have some cards from the very first few releases of the game, but I never really played, and I'm not interested in starting now. I'm purchasing this new set of cards because it's D&D adjacent. :) So I'm wondering if anyone with actual experience collecting and playing the game could offer insights on whether it makes sense to go with the admittedly cool looking foil cards for a little more money since I've heard that the foil cards tend to wear down pretty easily (I'm assuming from play but maybe they'd just degrade on their own as well?).

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That's too bad. I was hoping that someone would say, "Naw, dude. Don't believe all the haters. It's all good!" LOL

Thanks for the insight!
It mostly depends of what you want from them. If you just want to bling up a commander deck sure, go for the foil. ir you want a tournament deck I'd steer away


I used to Foil, but it got progressively worse. You now get foils that are factually curved, right out of the package, and it gets worse over time.

Really unfortunate.

I don't buy foils anymore, and for cards I really want singles of, I order from Japan as the card stock is better.

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