D&D 5E Are there any old-style tournament adventures for 5e?


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One thing I miss from the "old days" are tournament style one shots where you are given an adventure, pre-gens, and score cards.

Would such an adventure run well in 5e? Are there any tournament-style adventures for 5e? Would converting old 1e tournament adventures for 5e work well or are mechanics too different? It would seem things like passive checks and skill checks over player skills would make old-school tournament modules difficult to convert to 5e.

If anyone has any examples, please post links here.

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The A, C, G-D-Q, R, and S series modules were all tournament modules at their start. Many of these have been converted to 5th in either Tales from the Yawning Portal or by Goodman Games' OAR series. You may need to check the original modules for notes on tournament play. (It's been a long while since I perused most of these...)


There was a D&D Next adventure written by Chris Perkins and Scott Kurtz (of webcomic PvP fame) that was used as a tourney-like module at PAX East back in '13 called The Mines of Madness. It wasn't used to judge the groups that played it (although the adventure does include a scoring system in it if DMs wished to do so) but all the DMs who ran the adventure at the Saturday night event were scored by the players and they were the ones who were "competing" against each other.

Oh yeah, and I won it. ;)

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Only problem though is that I don't see it on DMs Guild, so I dunno if it's available anywhere. The adventure is basically a Tom of Horrors-like puzzle and trap dungeon (although not nearly as lethal.)


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Would such an adventure run well in 5e?
Here's a team scoring card from Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan.


It'd be tricky to:

(1) Score skill checks. AD&D points were often awarded for player ingenuity. You couldn't roll a "knowledge" check to see if you recognized a gas spore. Instead, players would ask the DM about its behavior and perhaps draw conclusions this thing isn't acting like they expected.
(2) Score survival. 5E is far too forgiving with death for tournament play.
(3) Timing. While 5E has done wonders for speeding up play, it took my crew 15 game hours to finish the 5E version, albeit we were playing for fun, not competition. AD&D tournaments were setup for much quicker play.


Crypt of the Devil Lich by Goodman Games is on Kickstarter. It's a 5e update of an old tournament module from the 3.x era. I lost a character in it at GenCon many years ago.

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