Arendel’s Serpent's Skull Journal. (Complete! 06/25/13, With Pictures!)

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Kuthona the 3rd.

After a relatively brief meeting, it was decided we must visit all the various factions in the area in an attempt to raise an army. There are a few I’m really not looking forward to talking to, but we feel that most of them have interests in the area (why else would they be here) and it would behoove them to contribute to the defense of the region, perhaps even the defense of the entirety of Golarion. As an aside, we have granted Max the title of General.

With the Pathfinders already on board, we went to talk to the Pirates of the Shackles. We figured they owed us one for saving them from the Brain-Goo infested Aspis Consortium some time back. We ran into Aerys and with her help, we had little trouble convincing them to assist us.

Our next goal was the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent. They also proved easy to convince as this region is their home. They also seemed enthusiastic to fight alongside General Max “Little” Hammer. They encouraged us to visit all tribes of the region.

Next we visited the Aspis Consortium. There was no sign of Ishirou our fellow castaway from the Shiv. In case I have not mentioned it before, we absolutely despise the Aspis Consortium. Predictably, we made little headway, only meeting with a few midlevel bureaucrats and getting vague responses to our requests for assistance. “We’ll see”, was the answer. We informed them there is no allying with the Serpent-Folk, only subjugation, slavery and death. This was only met with more indifference. We are now, more than ever, sure that if you are not with us, you are against us. We will do our best to chase the Aspis Consortium out of the region, since it is well known they would supply arms and equipment to any side of a conflict. Did I mention how much we despise the Aspis Consortium?

Next was the Red-Mantis. We weren’t sure how we would be received, since they had tried to kill us on numerous occasions and we were responsible for their loss of the much sought after Mantis Blade. Surprisingly, the leader of the Red Mantis in this region had met with an “accident” in the jungles of the Mwangi and Sasha (her daughter) was now in charge. She did not seem quite as flighty as we recalled her being on the Shiv and we managed to have a civil and productive meeting. She agreed to support our cause though it would be more “behind the scenes”, as it were.

Our last stop of the day was the Sagavan Government. Playing on their strong interests and holdings in the region, it was not too hard to gain their confidence and their assistance in the upcoming conflict.
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You're back! Yay! I've really been enjoying this SH and was missing it. I have something to read on my lunch again! :D

Glad to hear you're enjoying it and have something to... I hesitate to use the word "entertain", you during lunch.

With this post we are caught up.

The Characters are:

Arendel Whisperson – Human Fire Elemental Wizard 16 (Abciximab)
Max “Little” Hammer – Human Fighter/Rogue/Barbarian 11/4/1 (Peteinmaine)
Acemodius and Kay’Es – Tiefling Summoner 15 and his Eidolon (Mundinironhand)
Taraz – Aasimar Oracle of Life 15 (Brent)
Ka’Azbu – Human Ranger 11 (?) (David)


Session 55.​

Kuthona the 4th.

The last thing I did before retiring last night was to cast Sending to the Gorilla King to see if they might support our cause.

This morning we were off once more to talk to the local tribes. The Boggards were willing to join us but needed us to get the Troglodytes to agree to an old territorial boundary treaty. After much discussion we managed to get the Troglodytes to join us and agree to the treaty, which finally put both those tribes on board.

Our next stop was actually the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent to ask advice on how to approach the Charau-Ka, since we have never had a single peaceful encounter with them. They suggested “unafraid, with weapons sheathed.”

It seemed to work as we were able to enter their village and meet with their leaders. They seemed unnervingly enthusiastic about the prospect of war, but asked us to take care of a problem at a nearby hunting ground. It seems there is a large cobra-like, rainbow colored serpent that lives in a nearby lake that assails their hunting parties should they venture too close. We were shocked to hear of such a large creature within Saventh-Yhi that we have not encountered.

I thought it odd when Max held up a tooth from one of the many serpents we had killed and asked if its teeth “looked like this.” I was even more baffled when the Charau-Ka examined it closely and answered with a definitive "no".

We set out at once and, sure enough, when we approached the small lake we were immediately accosted by the serpent’s breath weapon. He blasted us with both lightning and poison. We made quick work of him and returned to solidify our alliance with the Charau-Ka tribe. They agreed to an alliance with much enthusiasm. We quickly moved on before their celebrations got out of hand.

Next we Teleported back to Ilmuria to speak with the Morlocks. Just mentioning that we were gathering an army for Klien got them on board with little discussion. We moved on to the Urdefhan.

Izon steadfastly held to his “wait and see” policy. Even informing him that there was a sleeping army of Serpent-Folk within Thousand-Fang (which is quite close to his stronghold) failed to move him.

We returned to the surface to find a representative of the Gorilla King waiting for us. He informed us that the Gorilla King had other interests at the moment and would not be joining us. Probably for the best.

Almost immediately we were informed of a disturbance near the vault containing the gateway to Ilmurea. We set out right away. As we approached we were accosted by a number of Serpent-Folk Mohrgs. Taraz quickly blasted a few out of existence with a Mass Heal spell, leaving the rest of us to mop up the remaining few.
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End of Session 55.​


#1 - The Rainbow Serpent (I forget what it’s called) the Charau-Ka needed removed from their favorite swimmin' hole.
#2 – RPG Diplomacy, thank goodness for dry erase. I'm pretty sure our rather profane nickname for the Aspis Consortium is illegible.
#3 – The last of the Serpent-Folk Mohrgs. If they were just a little less spread out he’d have been dead by now as Mass Heal is really awesome vs Undead.

So we have built an army to be led by our new Cyclopes General! There is a Mass Combat section in this adventure which I’m pretty sure we’ll be skipping. There was an acute lack of interest in this type of thing in our Kingmaker Campaign (Kingdom building/Mass Combat). When only one or two people at the table are providing input, it’s probably best just to skip over it and move on to more adventuring.

A little bit of fighting mixed into our Diplomacy to break up the evening, but most of it was “what do you say?” and “Roll Diplomacy.”

GMSoanso says we should wrap up around July or August, which was a little surprising. We all thought we were a little closer to the end. We get through about 3 encounters in one evening and we figured we were at least half way through the last adventure, what with skipping Mass Combat and all…

Well, it ends when it ends and I’ll continue to enjoy it as a player since I’ll be taking up the reigns as GM when this campaign wraps. It’s really much simpler being a player, even with my 11 page character sheet (9 of which are spells). Next time I play, I’ll be a fighter.


Well, it ends when it ends and I’ll continue to enjoy it as a player since I’ll be taking up the reigns as GM when this campaign wraps. It’s really much simpler being a player, even with my 11 page character sheet (9 of which are spells). Next time I play, I’ll be a fighter.

Have you already decided on the campaign you will DM once Serpent's Skull has been completed? Will it be another AP? And will there also be a story hour for it? ;)


Have you already decided on the campaign you will DM once Serpent's Skull has been completed? Will it be another AP? And will there also be a story hour for it? ;)

Rise of the *&^%$#@ Runelords (Anniversary Edition)! (It actually says that on the cover, though it uses the actual runes instead of a random string of characters. Still looks like they're swearing.)

As to whether or not there will be a Story Hour, it’s hard to say. GMing is a lot more work than being a player, add to that a SH and it might get overwhelming. Additionally, the loss of character perspective means it would have to be more of an actual Story (as opposed to a Journal) from the GM point of view.

Maybe one of the players will pick it up?

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