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Armor for Unusual Creatures


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I have a new character that is currently pending approval. Aaron Wright is a Human Druid with a medium viper animal campanion. The character judges have been very considerate answering my questions and have pointed out a couple of mistakes with the character sheet that I have since corrected.

There is one issue however that is not a mistake but a question of versimilitude. I had Aaron equip his animal campanion with barding or armor. The judges and I have concluded that this is rules legal, but that it strains credibility.

B4cchus has invited me to open this discussion to the community. The rules governing armor for unusual creatures seem to allow the crafting of armor for snakes. However, how such an arrangement would work, if it would hinder the movement the snake too much, is questionable.

Let me open the discussion by acknowledging my interest in the outcome, I have a character pending approval who has equiped his snake animal campanion with armor.

I believe the rules should not be changed so as to exclude a snake from wearing armor. Visually the image is appealing, further more, where armor is concerned, arguments of realisim are often put aside - spiked armor, etc. The armor is a light load for the snake, has a maximum dexterity bonus well beyond what the snake has, and has no Armor Check penalty. In other words, the snake is strong enough to move the armor with affecting its speed or straining it at all. And it is not so restrictive as to impede any fine movements.

Given that the rules would allow Aaron's animal campanion to wear armor, if the feeling of the community goes against it, here is a proposal to codify the sentiment.

[size=+1]Proposal:[/size] Armor for creatures other than humanoids or traditional mounts, requires approval.

In a related note, B4cchus also pointed out the an animal campanion snake is not any more intelligent that a regular snake, and would likely work to free itself from any armor. This seems very reasonable, thus I propose the following.

[size=+1]Proposal:[/size] Any non-domestic animal will not allow itself to have armor or barding applied unless it has been trained to accept it. Training an animal to wear armor counts as 1 trick as defined by the handle animal skill. This training does not confer any armor proficiencies to the animal, and it still suffers the ill-effects of wearing armor in which it is not proficient.

I would like to hear comments about this last proposal, Given experience with domestic animals, I would think that it would be appropriate to make this apply to all animals.

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Rae ArdGaoth

I think a new rule is unnecessary. The SRD doesn't require horses to be trained to wear armor, so I don't think a trick needs to be used. And a lot of things about the rules don't make much sense realistically, but from a practical perspective you don't want to flood the game with too many little rule nuances. Maybe a gnomish druid from the north east came up with some ingenious, comfortable-to-snakes armor schematics and ran into Aaron in his travels. I can see it.

I think, by RAW, the snake should be able to wear armor, so I vote NO to both proposals.


First Post
This proposal seems to be locked in a stalemate.
Although i don't like slapping armor on all kinds of wierd creatures, i do have to agree on ae as far as the RAW are concerned.
Any other opinions on the matter so we can move this proposal towards closure?

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