Coming Art Preview for Chromatic Dungeons!


Yesterday the final art piece for Chromatic Dungeons was received. Because one of the goals of CD is to celebrate the diversity within our gaming community, to be inclusive and welcoming of all gamers, and to represent all gamers, it was a must have requirement that the art reflect that goal.

Therefore, for this project I had a rule when doing art: It's not enough to just represent diversity in the art. Whenever possible, hire freelancers from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds to do the art. This helps ensure that the art is respectfully done to represent that background, and to help eliminate cultural appropriation.

This includes editing and consultation from Jennifer Kretchmer, Luca Alexander, and Evlyn Moreau

And artwork by: Theresa Guido (cover), Liz Courts, Jae Young, Billy Blue, Ezequiel Siñaris, Ernanda Souza, Chukwudi Nwaefulu, Carlos Castilho, Kinga Ren Kossowska, Luigi Castellani, Johnathan Bingham, Nathan Rosario, Rick Hershey, Colin Throm, Hanna Beck, Larry Elmore, Eric Lofgren, Gary Dupis, Storn Cook, V Shane, Kimagu, Michael Clarke, Bradley McDevitt, Grey Thornberry, Jeremy Moher, Jack Badashki, Tamas Baranya, William McAusland, Denis McCarthy, Michael Scotta, Dean Spencer, Jeshields, Kevin Davies, and Jacob Blackmon

While there are dozens and dozens of pieces of art that meet this goal, I wanted to focus on some of the art I had commissioned specifically for Chromatic Dungeons. So with no further delay:

african henchment.png
alex fariday v2.jpg
base cover file.jpg
CD-6 copy.png
CD-8 copy.png
Cha copy.png
cheesecake sensitivity revision1 copy.png
kabuki copy.png
paladin in hell web.jpg
Saeulabi copy.png

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