Release Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector Third Edition is now available!

Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector has now been updated to Clement Sector 3e!

IG Webstore: Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector Third Edition

DTRPG: Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector Third Edition - Independence Games | Clement Sector Third Edition |

As always, if you have purchased the PDF for the second edition of this title, you should be able to download the third edition from our webstore or from DTRPG (depending on where you bought it) for FREE!

Designed to excel!

Robots are a common sight in Clement Sector. They are often seen taking on not only the jobs that humans, altrants, and uplifts cannot do but also the jobs where biological lifeforms are unwanted. Often seen as tools and machines rather than entities, few care if you endanger the existence of a robot.

Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector provides you with a detailed design sequence that allows you to create robots of all shapes and sizes. With Artificial, you can create everything from a common cargo loader to a state of the art synthetic companion. Anything from the average cleaner bot to a biosynth avatar of your starship's computer AI.

Artificial also provides a method to play a robot as a player character. Play anything from an efficient robot butler to a dangerous warbot!

Artificial is designed to be compatible with Clement Sector, Cepheus Engine, and any science fiction setting where robots are present.

It's time to create!

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